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Asphalt pavements are extremely popular in the Atlanta area for several reasons. They cost less and are faster to construct than concrete, and they are also quite aesthetic. Asphalt pavements can often deliver many decades of useful service, but they will require some care to reach their full potential. One of the best things you can do for your asphalt pavement is to sealcoat it periodically. Unfortunately, there are several misconceptions about asphalt sealcoating that need to be dispelled.

What Are Some Common Myths About Asphalt Sealcoating?

There are quite a few myths that seal coating companies in Atlanta hear repeatedly. Here are the most common misconceptions.

1. Seal coating is just a cosmetic treatment.
2.A sealcoating contractor can apply a sealcoat to mend existing cracks.
3. Every asphalt sealcoating company uses the same mix.
4. Atlanta asphalt sealcoating makes the pavement extremely slick.
5. Seal coating has a very short life.
6. Seal coating companies in Atlanta charge a lot for asphalt sealcoating.
7. An asphalt sealcoating company will require customers to close their business for several days.

Why Is It a Misconception That Sealcoating Only Offers Cosmetic Benefits?

Sealcoating does enhance the appearance of an asphalt pavement by refreshing its color and hiding minor imperfections. However, you should consider this a nice bonus; sealcoating’s true strength is in its ability to prevent damage from vehicle fluids, UV rays, and other sources of potential damage. Regular applications of a high-quality sealcoat and timely crack repairs can often double the life of an asphalt pavement.

Why Should Cracks Be Repaired Prior to Applying Asphalt Sealcoating?

In some cases, sealcoating can cover hairline cracks, but true breaks in the pavement must be repaired prior to applying the sealant. Seal coating companies in Atlanta apply sealcoating as liquids, so the product will simply drain into openings and be lost.

Why Do Atlanta Asphalt Sealcoating Companies Sometimes Use Different Mixes?

For one thing, there are several companies that manufacture sealcoating, so there can be different specifications for preparing the mix. However, the biggest problem arises when a sealcoating contractor fails to follow the manufacturer’s specifications for preparing the mix. Sometimes, the contractor is inexperienced, but it is also true that some contractors will deliberately alter the mix. Common alterations include adding access water or reducing the amount of sand in the mix. These alterations lead to inferior results that will not last very long.

Why Would Asphalt Sealcoating Make the Pavement Slick?

If an Atlanta sealcoating company prepares and applies the mix properly, sealcoating will actually improve the pavement’s traction. If an asphalt pavement is slick after sealcoating, it is virtually always because the sealcoating contractor reduced or eliminated the sand in the mix.

How Long Does Atlanta Asphalt Sealcoating Last?

The life of a sealcoating job depends on several factors, including the number of vehicles using the pavement and their weights. Your asphalt sealcoating contractor can give you a precise schedule for your particular pavement. However, on average, Atlanta asphalt sealcoating lasts two to three years when applied to a typical parking lot.

Is It True That Seal Coating Is Inexpensive?

There are many factors that an Atlanta sealcoating company must consider when pricing a job. However, most seal coating companies in Atlanta charge just a few cents per square foot. When you compare this to the cost of patching, overlaying, or replacing your pavement, you will find that sealcoating is an extremely cost-effective treatment.

How Long Must a Business Close for Atlanta Asphalt Sealcoating?

There is a very good chance that you will not need to close your business at all.

1. Sealcoating companies in Atlanta are used to scheduling jobs around the customer’s operations. Thus, if your business closes on weekends or holidays, it is likely that your asphalt sealcoating contractor can have your pavement ready for traffic when your business reopens.
2. If you have a parking lot with at least two access points, your Atlanta sealcoating company can probably work it one section at a time. This means that you will always have part of your parking lot open at all times.
3. Seal coating does not take a long time to dry and cure. Under favorable weather conditions, you can usually allow pedestrian traffic within four to six hours after application, and vehicle traffic may be able to resume in 12 to 24 hours. However, be sure to wait for the time specified by your asphalt sealcoating contractor.

The Surface Masters provides assistance to clients throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area. In addition to seal coating, we offer asphalt paving, milling and reclamation, asphalt repairs, pavement markings, crack sealing, and concrete work. We are known for delivering superior work and exemplary service with professionalism and integrity. If you would like to request a free quote, fill out the online form, call 770-250-6392, or send an email to Info@TheSurfaceMasters.com.

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