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Asphalt parking lots are attractive, safe, economical, and durable. However, over time, high volumes of traffic, heavyweight vehicles, nature, and other forces can damage your pavement. Once the damage reaches a certain point, you might think that your only choice is to rebuild your parking lot. In many cases, though, contractors can restore damaged parking lots with asphalt overlays.

What Are Asphalt Overlays?

An overlay is an asphalt paving procedure that your paving contractor may refer to as a resurfacing operation. Typically, an Atlanta paving company will remove up to three inches of the existing pavement with a milling machine. A milling machine is a motorized piece of heavy equipment that grinds away asphalt pavement. Typically, the milling machines transfer these bits of pavement to a truck for delivery to a batch plant for recycling. The contractor then places new courses of asphalt paving to replace what the milling machine removed.

What Are the Advantages of Asphalt Overlays?

When paving contractors install an asphalt overlay correctly, your pavement will look and perform virtually identical to a rebuilt one. However, an Atlanta asphalt paving company will charge only a fraction of the cost of a reconstruction. Here are a few other advantages to choosing an overlay instead of a reconstruction.

1. In virtually all cases, it is faster for an Atlanta asphalt paving company to install an overlay than to remove and replace your pavement. This means that your business operations will face less disruption.
2. An overlay can resolve many types of damage that pose potential hazards. Upheavals, cracks, uneven transitions, potholes, and depressions are a few types of damage that an overlay may resolve.
3. New parking lot paving can enhance the curb appeal of your property. Potential customers often judge the quality of a business by the condition of its property, including the parking lot.
4. An overlay can often help you address compliance issues, especially issues related to the Americans with Disabilities Act. The ADA has numerous regulations about accessible parking spaces. These include the condition of the pavement, the slope and grade of the parking space, and the tolerances for accessible routes.

Can an Asphalt Overlay Solve All Issues for All Parking Lots?

Overlays are not suitable for all parking lots, and they cannot solve all types of pavement damage.

1. Like the original asphalt paving, an overlay needs a stable, strong base.
2. Some types of damage are highly indicative of a destabilized, weak base. For example, alligator cracking almost never occurs if the pavement rests on an undamaged base.
3. Paving contractors can repair the base before installing an overlay. However, if the base damage affects more than about a third of your parking lot, a reconstruction may be cheaper.

We would be happy to answer any additional questions you might have about overlays. The Surface Masters is a respected Atlanta paving company with our home office in Marietta. We offer a range of services to businesses, facilities, and institutions throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area. Our services include asphalt paving and asphalt overlay, milling and reclamation, sealcoating, parking lot striping, asphalt repairs, pavement markings, crack sealing, concrete repair, and concrete installation. We have an impeccable reputation for extraordinary workmanship and exemplary service. For a free job quote, complete our online request form, call 770-250-6392, or email Info@TheSurfaceMasters.com.

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