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Every year, an increasing number of people choose asphalt over concrete for their paving needs. Asphalt is lower in cost and faster to install, and many people find it more aesthetic. However, once autumn officially arrives, many people start wondering whether an Atlanta paving company can work in cooler weather. The answer to that question is that it depends on a variety of factors.

What Factors Affect the Ability of An Atlanta Paving Company to Work in Cooler Weather?

As any experienced paving company can tell you, proper compaction is the key to a durable, good-looking asphalt pavement. If the hot mix asphalt cools excessively, proper compaction can be impossible to achieve. It has to do with the physics of heat transference. If you bring together two surfaces having different temperatures, they will reach an equilibrium in which they are the same temperature. The greater the difference in the two temperatures, the faster the two materials will achieve equilibrium. When paving in Atlanta, batch plants deliver asphalt that is up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit in temperature. The asphalt company must spread, work, and compact the asphalt before its temperature falls below about 180 degrees. The colder the surface is, the faster the temperature of the asphalt will drop, so workers will have less time to complete their tasks. The air temperature, sunlight, and the wind speed can also influence how quickly the asphalt will cool.

Why Does the Type of Work Affect Whether an Atlanta Paving Company Can Work in Colder Weather?

The scope of the project and the type of paving services can also influence the advisability of conducting asphalt paving in Atlanta during cold weather. One vital factor involves the thickness of the asphalt that the paving company must compact. The thinner the asphalt, the faster it will cool. To illustrate, when installing an asphalt overlay, each lift normally has a thickness of an inch and a half. When paving Atlanta parking lots, each lift is usually around three inches thick. Assuming the mix and conditions are identical, the parking lot lift will retain its heat about four times longer than the asphalt overlay lift. However, regardless of lift thickness, a project with an extremely limited scope might be possible. For example, if the asphalt company just needs to patch two or three potholes, the contractor might be able to work even in colder conditions.

In an Emergency, Are There Ways for a Contractor to Deliver Paving Services in Cold Weather?

There are several things that an Atlanta paving contractor might be able to do that could help in an emergency.

1. Rather than leave a crack or pothole open to the weather, a contractor might be able to close it with a temporary cold patch or filler. You will need to replace the temporary fix in a few months. However, it is better than letting winter weather inflict more damage on your pavement.
2. In some cases, asphalt milling can correct minor drainage issues that can cause major problems in cold weather. For example, a depression in an inconvenient location could dramatically increase slip and fall accidents.
3. The weather in the Atlanta area can change at the drop of a hat. Therefore, never assume that your contractor cannot help. Contractors monitor weather forecasts constantly, so they can often find a day or two suitable for helping a customer.

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