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Asphalt pavements can have long, trouble-free lives with occasional repairs and preventive maintenance. For example, if repaired promptly, most cracks can be filled or sealed, and sealcoating can help prevent many types of cracks or other damage by blocking UV rays and protecting against petrochemicals. However, alligator cracking, many potholes, rutting, and certain other types of damage will require a different repair technique, so, in most cases, a paving contractor will likely recommend a technique known as patching.

What Is Full-Depth Asphalt Patching? | Atlanta Asphalt Repair

What Is an Asphalt Patch?

An asphalt patch serves the same basic function as a patch on an article of clothing that has suffered some type of damage. Asphalt patches typically fall into one of three categories: surface patches, partial-depth patches, or full-depth patches. Surface patches, which are the most economical and least permanent, are applied to the pavement surface, typically to fix the damage that does not extend deeper than an inch or two into the pavement’s surface. A partial-depth patch is used for mending pavements with damage that goes too deep or is too extensive for a surface patch. For a partial-depth patch to be successful, the foundation beneath the damaged area needs to be in good condition. If the foundation is compromised, the damage extends deep into the pavement structure, or the pavement needs to be more robust to prevent future damage, a commercial paving contractor will probably recommend a full-depth patch.

How Does an Asphalt Paving Company Perform a Full-Depth Patch?

When a paving contractor performs a full-depth patch, he starts by marking out a square or rectangle that is slightly larger than the damage. This area of the pavement is then removed, typically by sawing it out. All layers of the pavement are removed to expose the foundation. If the foundation needs to be repaired or strengthened, the paving company takes care of this before reconstructing the pavement by installing new asphalt. The new asphalt will extend onto the surrounding pavement to ensure a watertight seal. A full-depth patch has a long life, often outlasting the pavement surrounding it.

Are Full-Depth Asphalt Patches Cost-Effective?

Full-depth patches are usually the most cost-effective technique an asphalt company can use for many types of damage. For example, areas of alligatored asphalt cannot be repaired through traditional crack repair techniques; alligator cracking is virtually always an indication that the foundation has been damaged, so the foundation must be repaired for any repair to succeed. Large, deep potholes can require a similar approach to effect a long-lasting repair. Full-depth patching can also be a cost-effective way to prepare a damaged foundation and pavement for an asphalt overlay. However, every situation is different, so you should discuss patching with a reputable paving contractor, especially if your pavement will need numerous patches.

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