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For the 4th year in a row, The Surface Masters, Inc. is honored to share we’ve been included on the Pavement Maintenance and Reconstruction Magazine’s Top Contractor List. 

The list recognizes the top 50-selling contractors in the Paving & Pavement Maintenance Industry. The sales volume of the top 50 contractors in 2019 reached more than $1.055 billion which is compiled from the confirmed sales figures of the four categories—paving, sealcoating, striping, and repair—that are used to create the Top Contractor List. The average revenue breakdown per service of the Top 50 contractors are listed below:

  • Paving, 33%
  • Sealcoating, 24%
  • Striping, 20%
  • Repair, 12%
  • Sweeping, 3%
  • Other, 8%

The “other” category includes services such as excavation, drainage, concrete, traffic control, sports courts, etc. As reported, The Top 50 Contractors’ revenue breakdown is mostly driven by the four categories—paving, sealcoating, striping, and repair—used to compile the Top 50 List. The study states the average Top 50 Contractor “works 64% of its time on parking lots, 15% on streets, 14% on driveways, 5% on highways, and 2% other.” Another interesting study was the customer breakdown of the Top 50 Contractors which broke down as follows:

  • Commercial Client, 56%
  • Multi-Family Client, 16%
  • Municipal Client, 15%
  • Single-Family Homeowners, 11%
  • “Other” Clients, 2% (mix of park district, cemeteries, golf courses, etc.)

To learn more about the Top 50 Contractor List you can click here to visit the online article. The Surface Masters, Inc. is honored to be a part of an industry-wide coveted list full of highly credible and professional companies.

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