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Three Signs That Your Atlanta Subdivision Needs an Asphalt Overlay

Three Signs That Your Atlanta Subdivision Needs an Asphalt OverlayWhether you call them planned developments, gated communities, or simply neighborhoods, subdivisions can provide residents with a number of benefits. They may offer resident-only clubhouses, pools, or other amenities. The homeowners association may provide routine patrols, fences, limited-access gates, or other security features. Furthermore, all homeowners typically share the cost of maintaining the community’s common areas, including the streets. However, surprising homeowners with an unexpected assessment for a major street repair can be met with serious opposition. Therefore, before proposing the installation of an asphalt overlay, it is prudent to determine whether it is the most cost-effective option. Although there can be various reasons for resurfacing an asphalt pavement, there are three signs that can indicate the need for an overlay.

What Is an Asphalt Overlay?

Atlanta asphalt overlay professionals sometimes refer to the installation of an overlay as asphalt resurfacing. Typically, an asphalt company begins by using a milling machine to grind off the top two or three inches of the existing pavement. Sometimes, after milling, an asphalt contractor finds cracks or other damage that were too deep to be completely eradicated by milling. If so, the asphalt overlay contractor will need to make any repairs necessary to prevent the overlay from reflecting the underlying damage pattern. Next, asphalt overlay companies place the appropriate number of fresh asphalt courses to return the pavement to its original thickness, compacting each course before placing the next.

What Are Three Signs That a Subdivision Might Need an Asphalt Overlay?

Streets, parking lots, and driveways are common candidates for an asphalt overlay in Atlanta. These are the types of pavements that typically receive the most damage or normal wear, so they often require asphalt resurfacing services before lightly used pavements. Therefore, although it is important to consider all paved areas, asphalt companies recommend giving special attention to those that support the heaviest or highest number of vehicles.

1. Is the color of the asphalt severely faded? An asphalt pavement that has turned dingy brown or pale gray may seem to be nothing more than a cosmetic issue. However, fading is the result of exposure to ultraviolet radiation, and this exposure could result in a problem that goes beyond the surface. UV rays make asphalt pavements dry and brittle, which makes them more vulnerable to damage. Although sealcoating can sometimes rejuvenate a faded asphalt pavement while simultaneously protecting it, there are limits to what even a high-quality sealant can do. In the case of older pavements that have never been sealed, an Atlanta asphalt resurfacing may be the most cost-effective solution.
2. Does the pavement show obvious signs of distress? There are various types of pavement distress. Some may appear soon after an installation, while others tend to manifest near the very end of a pavement’s life. Some signs of distress to look for include excessive loose gravel on the pavement’s surface, ruts in the travel lanes, and edges that are unraveling.
3. Are potholes and significant cracks abundant? Depending on their severity, an asphalt company may be able to repair cracks and patch potholes. However, if the damaged areas are numerous, severe, or widespread, asphalt resurfacing services may be more economical than multiple repair services. In addition, an Atlanta asphalt overlay will provide better aesthetic appeal than an abundance of repaired areas.

The Surface Masters would be happy to evaluate the suitability of your pavement for an asphalt overlay in Atlanta. We are an award-winning asphalt overlay company with a reputation for consistently delivering exceptional work and superior service. In addition to asphalt resurfacing installation, we offer crack sealing, pavement markings, milling and reclamation, asphalt repairs, asphalt paving, concrete curbing, and asphalt sealcoating. You can easily request a free quote by calling 770-250-6392, emailing Info@TheSurfaceMasters.com, or submitting our online form.

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