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Atlanta asphalt paving is more popular than ever, and there are several reasons for its widespread use. First of all, it is normally the least expensive option for constructing a new pavement, and the new construction can go into service in less time. Asphalt is an environmentally friendly material that does not leach harmful chemicals into the soil or the groundwater. With the proper care, asphalt pavements can have excellent longevity, and worn-out, aged pavements can often be returned to like-new condition by resurfacing in lieu of reconstructing them. Asphalt pavements also offer aesthetic and safety benefits. However, if you want your paving project to go smoothly and yield superior results, there are five tips that can help you.

What Are Five Important Tips for an Atlanta Asphalt Paving Projects?

The most successful projects are cooperative efforts that involve the customer and the Atlanta asphalt company handling the work.

1. Consider the reasons you need asphalt paving services.
2. Interview several Atlanta asphalt paving companies to find the best one for your specific project.
3. Work with your asphalt paving contractor to determine the best option for your budget, needs, and wants.
4. Ask the contractor providing your asphalt paving services to help you create a joint plan for your work.
5. Communicate with your paving contractor as needed.

Why Should I Consider the Reasons I Need an Atlanta Asphalt Paving Contractor?

You need a clear understanding of your motives and goals so that you can explain your priorities to your contractor. Do you need to give your parking lot a facelift to make your property more attractive so that you can sell it more easily? Do you need a brand-new parking lot built for a recently constructed store? Are you operating under a strict, well-defined deadline mandated by your corporate office?

How Do I Choose Between Atlanta Asphalt Paving Companies?

No single factor will have a greater impact on the success of your project than the asphalt paving company in Atlanta that you hire. Prepare a list of potential candidates, then perform the same type of due diligence that you perform when selecting other contractors to handle costly projects. Research the candidate’s online reputation, ask for references and contact them, and verify that the company has the appropriate licensing and insurance. When interviewing candidates, trust your instincts if you feel a contractor is behaving unprofessionally, deliberately concealing important information, or attempting to evade your questions.

How Can a Contractor Help Me Choose the Right Atlanta Asphalt Paving Procedures?

In all likelihood, your contractor is much more knowledgeable about the asphalt industry than you are, so keep an open mind. For example, asphalt contractors often get requests to bid on a complete reconstruction, but when they inspect the customer’s pavement, they discover that an asphalt overlay would be more cost-effective. Conversely, some customers may think that an overlay would be the right solution, but the contractor finds that the damage is so extensive that a reconstruction is the better option. Trustworthy Atlanta asphalt paving companies always recommend the procedures that will provide customers with the most value.

Why Should My Atlanta Asphalt Paving Contractor and I Establish a Joint Plan for My Project?

Your Atlanta paving contractor will need an effective plan to ensure that all products, tools, equipment, and personnel are available when needed. Contractors usually secure any necessary permits, handle traffic control, and schedule asphalt deliveries. You will also need to make certain plans and preparations. For example, if you hire a contractor to resurface your parking lot, you need to determine where your employees, residents, customers, or tenants will need to park while the work is underway and tell them. Thus, it only makes sense for you and your contractor to work together to create an effective plan so that your project will encounter the fewest obstacles possible.

When Should I Communicate With My Atlanta Asphalt Paving Contractor?

Communications need to travel on a two-way street. Trustworthy contractors realize this, and they make sure that they keep customers in the loop. However, there are certain situations in which you should take the initiative.

1. During the process, if you are unhappy with the work that the contractor’s crew is doing, say something. Do not wait until the completion of the project to voice your concerns.
2. If crew members damage property belonging to you or your neighbors, let your asphalt company know. In most cases, you will find that the company’s project manager has already reported the incident, but it never hurts to make sure.
3. Contact your asphalt paving contractor if you need to make changes to your project, including scheduling changes. For example, your corporate office may move your completion date up by two days so that your parking lot is fully operational when a major marketing campaign goes live.
4. If your Atlanta asphalt company begins to miss significant milestones, ask your contractor for an explanation. Most Atlanta asphalt paving companies will let their customers know when delays occur. However, if your contractor has not notified you within two or three business days, call or send an email.
5. Respond promptly if your contractor sends you a text, email, or message. In some cases, your contractor may need a response from you before proceeding, so you could unwittingly be delaying your project. At other times, your contractor could be trying to advise you of something that might affect your own plan.

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