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Although you are probably very familiar with the reasons homeowners are concerned about property values, you may not realize that it is also important to protect or improve the value of commercial properties. On the other hand, you may understand that your property value can help you secure a better selling price or enable you to charge higher rates for units you lease to others. If you are wondering whether your asphalt paving can affect your property values, the short answer is that it can. However, there are several reasons why this is true.

What Are Some of the Reasons That Asphalt Paving Can Affect Property Values?

There are a few quantifiable factors that contribute to your property value, including the location and square footage of your property. However, there are also intangible factors that are primarily related to the perception others have of your property. These include your curb appeal, which, in turn, can be related to the perception others have of the pride you have in your property, your commitment to a safe, well-maintained property, and your ability and willingness to pay attention to details.

How Does the Condition of a Property’s Asphalt Paving Affect Its Curb Appeal?

The curb appeal of any property is rather subjective because not everyone will find the same features attractive. However, one thing that virtually every asphalt paving company can agree on is that a damaged, unsightly pavement detracts from the perceived value of the entire property. People might think that your unwillingness to secure Atlanta asphalt paving services to repair and maintain your pavement could carry over into other areas. For example, people may wonder whether your HVAC system has been properly maintained or is at risk of total failure. Potential tenants might fear that you will be similarly lax about responding to requests for interior repairs. In short, many people will believe that the condition of your Atlanta paving reveals whether you care about your property and the safety and comfort of your customers or tenants.

How Can I Ensure That My Asphalt Paving Generates a Favorable Perception?

The first step is to ask a reputable Atlanta paving company to make any necessary repairs. An asphalt company will typically consider patching potholes and replacing alligatored asphalt as repairs. Asphalt milling to correct drainage issues or bumps in the pavement may also be considered as repairs. The second step is to ask an Atlanta asphalt paving maintenance contractor to create a plan to ensure that your specific pavement receives the services it needs to have a long, healthy, attractive life. Depending on your pavement, your Atlanta paving maintenance plan will include all or most of the following.

1. Atlanta paving companies usually include asphalt crack repairs in the maintenance category.
2. Periodic applications of a high-quality sealant can prolong the life of your asphalt pavement by preventing damage. This reduces your need to pay for frequent repairs, but it also enhances your pavement’s visual appeal.
3. Parking lot striping and marking enhances safety, but it also improves your property’s curb appeal.
4. Concrete curb repairs help you keep runoff flowing smoothly away from your pavement. This helps protect your Atlanta paving, but it can also improve safety and reduce annoyance and frustration among pedestrians, drivers, and cyclists.

The Surface Masters can help you repair and maintain your Atlanta paving. We are one of the most respected and experienced asphalt paving companies in Atlanta. We offer an extensive list of services, including asphalt paving, pavement markings, asphalt overlays, crack repairs, asphalt milling and reclamation, sealcoating, and asphalt repairs. We also offer concrete services. We are known for our consistency, craftsmanship, professionalism, service, and integrity. To request a free quote, complete the online form, call 770-250-6392, or email Info@TheSurfaceMasters.com.

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