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Even if you spent years managing paving projects in the private sector, you may find municipality paving projects to be much more challenging. You have many miles of thoroughfares, numerous parking lots, and a variety of other pavements to manage. Taxpayers expect you to use available funds judiciously, but they may make demands that are simply not included in your current budget. Business owners complain if they believe that the thoroughfares in your town are discouraging tourists or out-of-town customers. Furthermore, it may sometimes feel as if the homeowners in every neighborhood expect you to give their neighborhood the highest priority for new construction, repairs, or upgrades. Therefore, it is imperative that any paving contractor you select has the ability to deliver quality results on time and within budget. If you need help determining which contractor to hire, consider collecting answers to the following questions.

How Much Experience Does the Contractor Have With Municipality Paving Projects?

Atlanta municipality paving projects are often larger and more complex than typical commercial projects. This means that any contractor selected for a municipality asphalt paving project must be able to create a viable plan and execute it effectively and efficiently. Atlanta municipal paving projects can run for weeks or even months. Therefore, a seasoned Atlanta municipality paving contractor will likely be more suitable for large projects that must be completed in several phases than a commercial asphalt paving contractor who is used to completing jobs in just a few days.

Is the Contractor You Are Considering for Your Municipality Paving Project Trustworthy?

It can be difficult to define what makes one contractor more trustworthy than another. Red flags include evading your questions, failing to provide relevant references, and treating you or your staff disrespectfully. A Better Business Bureau history of unresolved complaints, frequent changes in the name of the company, and a poor online reputation can also be red flags.

Precisely What Is Included in Each Bid You Collect From the Various Municipality Paving Contractors?

Bid solicitations for municipality paving projects in Georgia typically contain a list of specifications that contractors must meet. This makes it easier for you to compare the specifications to each contractor’s bid. Be sure to go line-by-line to determine whether every contractor has the same interpretation of the requirements. Look for discrepancies in the type and quantity of asphalt paving mix, the labor hours, the services to be provided, and miscellaneous items such as hauling fees, permit fees, and disposal fees.

Are the Atlanta Municipality Paving Contractors Under Consideration Appropriately Insured and Licensed?

Every contractor should be able to provide you with proof that they have valid licenses and insurance policies. At the very least, a municipality paving contractor should cover all employees under a workers’ compensation policy, carry general liability insurance with a policy limit of $500,000 or more, and commercial vehicle liability insurance.

Does the Contractor Have the Resources to Handle a Municipality Paving Project?

A large project requires a number of different resources, and your project could experience cost overruns or delays if your contractor lacks adequate resources.

1. Does the contractor employ a sufficient number of trained, experienced workers? An insufficient staff could indicate that the contractor plans to rely on casual laborers or subcontractors.
2. Does the contractor have the right equipment to handle your project? Municipal asphalt paving projects often require a variety of machines, including different types of rollers, skid steers, or trucks.
3. Does the contractor own the necessary equipment? It is usually better if the contractor owns equipment than rents it. Because asphalt paving equipment is expensive, contractors tend to maintain it very well. This means that it is less likely to break down in the middle of a job, but it also means that operators will be familiar with their machines. Rented equipment may not be properly maintained, or it may not be available when your contractor needs it.

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