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The hot asphalt and heavy equipment make Atlanta asphalt paving jobs risky enough, but when you add in vehicles passing near the work area, curious bystanders, the client’s employees or tenants, nearby structures, and buried or overhead obstructions, a risky environment can become downright dangerous. The Surface Masters has always been extremely proactive about ensuring the safety of our employees, our customers, and everyone else who might venture near the work area.

How Do Contractors Help Keep Their Employees Safe on Atlanta Asphalt Paving Jobs?

We start by ensuring that all employees are properly trained to complete their assigned tasks safely, efficiently, and correctly. For example, before an employee is allowed to operate the milling machine on an asphalt overlay job, he or she will be fully trained on all aspects of operating the machine. We also do the following things to promote on-the-job safety.

1. We hold periodic safety meetings to help keep employees focused on the need to work in a safe manner. In addition to reviewing basic procedures, we communicate any updates received from
2. We make it clear that safety is everyone’s business, so we encourage employees to bring any potential risks to the attention of their supervisor as soon as the employee spots a possible problem.
3. Whether the job calls for a parking lot repair, sealcoating, or asphalt paving, we make sure that every employee is equipped with the proper safety gear to help protect them and increase their visibility.
4. We erect barricades, signs, cones, or other traffic control devises to prevent vehicles and pedestrians from entering the work area. If needed, we deploy flaggers to help control traffic, especially when the job involves asphalt paving Atlanta streets and boulevards.

How Does a Paving Company Help Protect Customers When Performing an Atlanta Asphalt Paving Job?

Whether they are executing a residential or commercial paving job, reputable contractors take the appropriate steps to protect both people and property. The exact steps depend on the type of asphalt paving services being provided, but they generally include at least some of the following.

1. Whenever possible, we schedule our asphalt paving work for the days or times that clients expect to be closed or receiving the least amount of business. For example, if a bank needs an asphalt overlay for its parking lot, we may schedule the work over a three-day weekend.
2. We identify sensitive areas, including buildings, fences, landscaped areas, and walls, and we make sure that these areas are protected. When sealcoating, for example, we may use portable shields to prevent the sealant from getting on structures or plants.
3. We keep the lines of communication open so that the client is always in the loop. Clients can then convey the relevant information to their employees, tenants, customers, or vendors.

How Do Asphalt Paving Companies Help Protect the Public When Providing Asphalt Paving Services?

The traffic control measures we employ help protect people who are just passing by as well as our employees and the client’s visitors. Our well-trained, safety-conscious employees help do the rest.

1. Our employees are trained to speak up if onlookers are too close to the work area. Generally, the supervisor will ask bystanders to move back, but our employees can take the initiative if the onlooker is in a hazardous location or endangering the safety of someone else.
2. We pay close attention to the weather conditions, especially the direction and speed of the wind. This helps prevent an accidental overspray of sealcoating, for example, or the undirected spread of particulates.
3. We maintain our equipment carefully. This helps us control our carbon footprint, and it also helps prevent an untimely equipment failure.
4. We locate and mark any buried utilities or overhead power lines, and we make sure that truck drivers and equipment operators know that the obstacles are present. Knocking over an electric pole, cutting through an internet cable, or collapsing a water main could affect more than just our client.

The Surface Masters can assist you if you need a reliable Atlanta commercial paving company with an impeccable reputation. Our asphalt paving services include sealcoating, asphalt overlay installations, asphalt crack repairs, pothole repairs, and asphalt paving. We also install and repair concrete, and we stripe and mark parking lots, sports courts, and tennis courts. We are known for the extraordinary quality of work and our exceptional customer service. You can get a free quote by submitting our online form or calling 770-250-6392.

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