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When an asphalt paving project is done correctly, the result will be a visually pleasing, safe, economical, long-lasting pavement. When it is done incorrectly, the pavement will be none of these things. The difference between a correct and incorrect paving project is normally the skills that the contractor has acquired through experience. Successful paving projects involve a combination of art and science, and these can be categorized as soft skills and hard skills.

What Are the Soft Skills Required for an Asphalt Paving Contractor?

There is no universally accepted definition of soft skills. Sometimes, soft skills are considered to be the same as social skills, but the latter category primarily covers things like the ability to get along with others, work as part of a team, and resolve conflicts. However, when it comes to asphalt paving Atlanta contractors also need the soft skills listed below.

1. Communication: Contractors must be able to explain their recommendations, quotes, and processes in unambiguous terms. However, they also need to be good listeners so that they can understand precisely what each customer needs, wants, and expects.
2. Time Management: It is not uncommon for an Atlanta paving company to have multiple jobs in progress at the same time. Contractors need to be able to manage their own time effectively, but they must also know how to efficiently manage the time of their crew members. Furthermore, commercial paving contractors should respect your time, so they will be punctual and prepared.
3. Organizational: There are many details that need to be addressed on every project involving asphalt paving services, and keeping everything straight requires a bit of organization. A disorganized contractor might forget to order the ingredients to complete your asphalt sealcoating job, for example, or show up a day early to start work on your asphalt overlay.
4. Problem Solving: From time to time, issues arise before or during a job. An experienced paving company should know how to deal with issues that occur frequently, but great contractors know how to innovate and think strategically to make the right decision.
Good contractors are also patient, attentive to detail, responsible, and flexible. They are also creative, empathetic, and adaptable.

What Are the Hard Skills Required for an Paving Contractor?

Hard skills are usually defined as skills that are easily defined, specific, and quantifiable, and they are usually acquired through training, education, or on-the-job experience. Here are some of the things that your contractor should know how to do.

1. Select the right materials for each job. There are several types of asphalt sealcoating on the market, and there are various grades and types of asphalt. Your Atlanta paving company should know the advantages and disadvantages of each material to help you make an informed decision.
2. Select the right techniques for each job. There are optional techniques for many asphalt paving services. For example, a crack repair could entail sealing it or filling it, and there are several techniques that can be used for installing an asphalt patch.
3. Determine the feasibility of an asphalt overlay. Overlays can often help property owners get more years of use from an existing pavement, but they may not always be a cost-effective option, especially if either the pavement or its foundation has severe, widespread damage.
4. Understand the impact of the local soil on the construction and durability of the pavement. Contractors need to know how to assess whether the soil has too much clay or too much sand to provide a stable foundation for the pavement, and they need to know how to correct the soil if it is problematic.
5. Know how to keep the site safe. Contractors should know how to control traffic, determine whether employees are following safety protocols, and prevent inadvertent damage to your property.

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