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The Atlanta Guide for Asphalt Milling Preparation

If you are responsible for an asphalt parking lot or thoroughfare in Atlanta, you have probably learned many terms related to your pavement. For example, you likely know what sealcoating is and how it can prevent pavement damage, or you have learned the difference between sealing and filling asphalt cracks. However, you may not know as much about asphalt milling preparation and the process.  

What Is Asphalt Milling?

Atlanta asphalt milling is a procedure that uses a milling machine to grind up and remove a predetermined depth of asphalt pavement. Skilled milling contractors usually remove between one and three inches of pavement, but large milling machines can take out the entire pavement, including the base layers. The grindings, commonly called millings, can be transported to an asphalt plant for recycling, but they can also be immediately recycled at the job site. Atlanta milling is typically fast, reasonably priced, and environmentally friendly.

What Are Some Possible Reasons to Use Asphalt Milling?

The installation of asphalt overlays is the most common use of asphalt milling in Atlanta GA. An asphalt overlay can be a cost-effective way to get a pavement that closely resembles a brand-new pavement at a fraction of the cost. In addition to overlays,  milling contractors can remedy certain drainage problems, cut rumble strips in pavements, or resolve some types of pavement distress, including bleeding or rutting.

How Do I Prepare for a Milling Project?

A successful project will require a certain amount of collaboration with your asphalt milling company. Your Atlanta milling contractor will take care of most of the preparations independently, but it is vital to maintain the lines of communication between you and your contractor. With or without the assistance of your milling company, preparing for your project will entail the following.

1. Determine the scope of your project. Do you need an asphalt overlay for your entire parking lot, or do you just need to address selected areas?
2. Consider how you will manage traffic during your project. Businesses that operate 24/7 may have limited options for completing a milling project. Fortunately, asphalt milling contractors are very accustomed to working around their customers most-active times. For example, they may perform milling and install an asphalt overlay over a long weekend, or they may do their work at night.
3. Decide whether it would be better to have Atlanta asphalt milling performed one section at a time. This piecemeal approach can be an ideal solution for milling and overlaying a long thoroughfare or a massive parking lot.
4. Determine how you will redirect traffic while your asphalt milling company is performing the work. If you are performing Atlanta milling on a thoroughfare, you may need to plan an acceptable detour to keep traffic flowing safely around the work area. If your project involves a parking lot, you may need to find an alternative place for your employees, tenants, or customers to park. Depending on your situation, the alternative location could be a section of your own parking lot or one of your neighbor’s parking lots.
5. Let all affected parties know when your Atlanta milling contractor will start work on each section. A map showing the different sections and the corresponding dates of the work would be a very helpful tool for their convenience. However, be sure to update the map and information if your asphalt milling company must make changes to the schedule midstream.

The Surface Masters is a leading paving maintenance company that specializes in commercial and industrial asphalt parking lots. In addition to providing asphalt milling in Atlanta, we offer asphalt overlays, sealcoating, asphalt paving, crack sealing, asphalt repairs, concrete curbing, and pavement markings. We have built an unimpeachable reputation for extraordinary craftsmanship and exemplary service. To request a free quote, email Info@TheSurfaceMasters.com, call 770-250-6392, or submit our form online.

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