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Can Asphalt Sealcoating Take Place at Night?

Proactive maintenance plays a major role in the longevity and appearance of an asphalt pavement. Without adequate maintenance, an Atlanta asphalt pavement can have its useful life cut in half, detract from the property’s aesthetic appeal, and require more repairs. Asphalt sealcoating is one of the most effective and economical maintenance procedures available. Sealcoating is formulated to provide both protective and cosmetic benefits when it is mixed and applied correctly. Because sealcoating during normal business hours has the potential to be a minor inconvenience, clients sometimes ask contractors whether they can sealcoat their parking lots at night. It is a good idea to remember the old saying about how can does not necessarily mean should.

Can Contractors Apply Asphalt Sealcoating at Night?

Technically, asphalt sealcoating at night is sometimes possible. However, reputable Atlanta asphalt sealcoating professionals will balk at the idea. It is not uncommon for asphalt sealcoating contractors to refuse to sealcoat a pavement at night unless there is absolutely no other alternative.

Should Contractors Apply Asphalt Sealcoating at Night?

No, asphalt sealcoating contractors should not seal asphalt pavements at night. Asphalt sealcoating in Atlanta poses enough challenges in broad daylight, so it is unwise to add the additional complications involved in nighttime sealcoating.

Why Is Nighttime Asphalt Sealcoating More Complicated Than Daytime Sealcoating?

The first problem is the darkness itself. Even if an Atlanta asphalt sealcoating contractor brings floodlights to supplement the parking lot lights, there can still be dark shadows.

1. Workers need to be able to see where the asphalt sealcoating goes after it leaves the sprayer. Thus, areas cloaked in darkness are at risk of receiving an uneven coating. Furthermore, the lack of visibility can lead to an overspray that leaves sealcoating on walls, sidewalks, or other places where it is not wanted.
2. Humidity levels tend to increase at night. At the same time, temperatures decrease. This means that dew will probably settle on the uncured sealcoating, and this can affect the appearance of the pavement.
3. The drying time of asphalt sealcoating becomes longer as the temperature falls. Since most Atlanta asphalt sealcoating projects require the application of two thin coats, and the first coat must dry before applying the second, the extended drying time can pose a significant problem.
4. There is no significant reduction in the amount of time that a pavement must remain closed after an asphalt sealcoating application. Some people think that they can have their parking lot open by dawn if they have their contractor perform asphalt sealcoating at night. However, this is wishful thinking. Asphalt sealcoating needs to be exposed to sunlight for at least four hours to cure properly. Thus, if an asphalt sealcoating company performs a nighttime application, the pavement will still need to remain closed for a minimum of four hours after sunrise.
5. Applying asphalt sealcoating at night may void the manufacturer’s product warranty. Furthermore, your asphalt sealcoating company may not guarantee its workmanship.
6. Statistically, when applied during the day, asphalt sealcoating will last up to four times as long as sealcoating that is applied at night. Since Atlanta asphalt sealcoating has an average life of two years, you could need a fresh application within six months.

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