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Is Ongoing Maintenance From an Atlanta Paving Company Important?

Is Ongoing Maintenance From an Atlanta Paving Company Important?If you are a commercial property manager or owner, you likely have a paved parking lot featuring signs, line striping, and pavement markings. There are probably curbs and gutters, catch basins, or other features to drain away water. However, unless someone draws your attention to a specific problem, you may never give your pavements much thought. This could be a critical error. If you believe that it is important to protect your image, maintain a safe environment, and save money, you should secure the services of a reputable Atlanta paving company to maintain your pavement.

How Can an Atlanta Paving Company Help Protect My Image Through Pavement Maintenance?

There is an old saying that warns against judging a book by its cover, but many people ignore that advice. If your commercial pavement is in disrepair, people may perceive that your interior spaces will also be poorly kept. They may think that you do not care about providing an excellent service or product. They may even get the impression that you do not care whether they patronize your company. Hiring a reputable commercial paving company to provide ongoing maintenance is an excellent way to ensure that your property makes a favorable impression.

How Can an Atlanta Paving Company Enhance the Safety of My Property With Pavement Maintenance?

If your parking lot is riddled with potholes, cracks, and misaligned car stops, it can be as dangerous as it is unsightly. Driving over a deep pothole can inflict damage on a car’s alignment or tires, and even a small pothole could cause a cyclist to wreck. Pedestrians who trip on a crack, stumble into a pothole, or trip on a misaligned car stop could fall and injure themselves. Your signs and pavement markings also contribute to your parking lot safety. If they are missing or excessively faded, the rate of accidents in your parking lot could increase. Therefore, it would be prudent to ask a local paving company to provide the maintenance services you require.

How Can Ongoing Maintenance From an Atlanta Paving Company Save Money?

Some commercial property owners do not hesitate to budget for routine maintenance on their HVAC systems, landscaping, or roof, but they are reluctant to budget for pavement maintenance. This can have serious financial consequences down the road.

1. A commercial paving company expects a new pavement to be useful for a certain number of years. For example, depending on how it is used, an asphalt parking lot has a typical life expectancy of 20 to 30 years. Without ongoing maintenance, however, the pavement will usually last less than half as long as originally predicted. Thus, you will be forced to rebuild your parking lot in as few as seven or eight years.
2. Without ongoing maintenance from a reputable paving company, the pavement will need frequent repairs, many of which can be rather expensive. With the proper maintenance services from a paving company in Atlanta, your pavement will need fewer repairs, and they will be much more economical.
3. A poorly maintained parking lot could expose you to potential liabilities. For example, you could find yourself on the losing side if someone sues you for an injury sustained due to the condition of your pavement. You could also be exposing yourself to potential fines for violating local ordinances or federal laws.

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