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Our team recently partnered with a local municipality and completed a city street mill and pave project. The project consisted of milling approximately 4,330 square yards of surface asphalt, remediating select areas of damaged subbase, and then repaving. The scope area was one street which included approximately 34 single-family residents. As a result, noticing the city residents and traffic control parameters had to be implemented for a successful and efficient project. The days leading up to the project, our assigned Project Manager exercised ample residential noticing and sign placement to notify the residents of the upcoming work. Following these actions, our Milling Team mobilized and removed the top layer of asphalt with our milling machine and then excavated and remediated all compromised subbase evident along the way. By removing the compromised subbase and replacing it with new stone, we created a structurally sound base for the newly laid asphalt. Asphalt requires a strong base to be laid on to perform as designed. If it is paved over an unstable subbase, the new pavement will fail prematurely which is why we wanted to replace such areas prior to paving. Asphalt is only as good as what its paved over. Following the milling and base remediation, our Paving Team mobilized and paved the street back. In all, our crews completed this project in a two-day period with minimum inconvenience to the residents.

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