How to Reduce Costs With a Fall Pavement Maintenance Plan

If you want your asphalt pavement to have a long, safe life without having to pay for multiple significant repairs, you should be proactive about a fall maintenance plan. Every experienced paving contractor knows that routine maintenance is the cornerstone of a pavement’s longevity. Furthermore, regular maintenance can help enhance the pavement’s aesthetics and safety. […]

Why You Should Repair Asphalt Cracks in the Fall

Asphalt pavements are known for their economical costs, visual appeal, and durability. As the most popular paving material in North America, asphalt can build a wide variety of pavements, including streets, tennis courts, highways, parking lots, bike and golf cart trails, and walkways. However, asphalt pavements need occasional maintenance to reach their full life expectancy. […]

How Are Asphalt Paving and Sealcoating Different?

When selecting a paving contractor, one sign that you are speaking with an experienced and reputable company is the contractor’s ability and willingness to explain things in plain language. As is the case in most industries, paving contractors are adept in the terminology that they use to communicate with each other and their suppliers. Some […]

What An HOA Should Look For In An Atlanta Paving Contractor

A homeowners association has responsibilities that differ from those of a grocery store, restaurant, or clothing store. Retailers need to please their customers, while HOAs need to please the residents of their community. When they need an asphalt repair or maintenance procedure performed, retailers can schedule work on days that they are closed or have […]

The Benefits of Parking Lot Striping | Atlanta, GA

An unbroken expanse of asphalt pavement is aesthetically appealing, so when your Atlanta paving contractor finished installing your new parking lot, you may have questioned whether striping and marking would detract from your curb appeal. Professionally applied stripes and pavement markings can actually provide additional curb appeal, but you may not be aware of the […]

What Are the Steps for Asphalt Pavement Installation?

Most people in Georgia are familiar with how attractive, and smooth asphalt pavement can be. It is also very economical and fast to install, repair, and maintain. Unless you are in the paving industry, however, you might not know all of the steps that a Marietta asphalt paving company will take when installing this durable, […]

Why the Lowest Sealcoating Bid May Not Be the Best Decision

When your pavement was constructed, the contractor you chose for your asphalt paving services probably advised you to have a sealant applied within the next year. He may also have mentioned that fresh sealcoat would need to be applied periodically. Whether it is time for your pavement’s first application or a subsequent application, you likely […]

How to Hire an Asphalt Contractor for Your Municipality Project

If you are responsible for the paved areas in your city or town, your decisions can have major impacts. Your residents and local businesses count on safe streets, sidewalks, sports courts, trails, and parking lots to provide access, attract visitors, provide outdoor recreational opportunities, and efficiently move their inbound and outbound shipments. At the same […]

How Can I Make My Asphalt Pavement Last Longer?

Asphalt pavements are economical to install, but you will still need more than the loose change in your pocket to pay for a commercial paving project. Therefore, you almost certainly want your pavement to last as long as it possibly can. Whether you want to protect a massive parking lot, a bike trail, or a […]