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When selecting a paving contractor, one sign that you are speaking with an experienced and reputable company is the contractor’s ability and willingness to explain things in plain language. As is the case in most industries, paving contractors are adept in the terminology that they use to communicate with each other and their suppliers. Some of the terms they use can be construed as meaning something other than what the contractor intends to someone outside of the industry. For example, asphalt sealcoating and asphalt paving may be interpreted as the same thing, but they are two distinct procedures.

How Are Asphalt Paving and Sealcoating Different?

What Do Asphalt Companies Mean When They Refer to Asphalt Paving?

The short definition of asphalt paving is that it refers to installing a hot mix asphalt product. This may be a parking lot repair to mend a few potholes or patches of alligatored asphalt. It may refer to the installation of an asphalt overlay, which is also known as asphalt resurfacing. It may also refer to removing and replacing an existing pavement or the final steps of constructing a new one.

What Do Asphalt Companies Mean When They Refer to Asphalt Sealcoating?

A sealcoat or sealant is a material that is applied over the top of an asphalt pavement. Sealants improve the appearance of asphalt pavements by restoring their dark color and covering minor surface flaws. However, the main reason that you should have a sealcoating contractor apply a sealant periodically is that it will extend the life of your pavement. Without sealcoating, asphalt pavements can deteriorate prematurely from exposure to ultraviolet radiation and leaked automotive fluids, including brake fluid, gas and diesel, oil, and transmission fluid.

If I Am Responsible for an Asphalt Parking Lot, How Do I Know Whether to Call a Commercial Paving or Sealcoating Contractor?

If the color of your pavement has faded from black to an unattractive shade of gray or brown, you will typically need a sealant application. If it has been more than two years since your pavement was last sealed, you should check with your contractor to see if it is time for a new application. If your sealant is cracked or flaking away, you should schedule a sealcoating procedure. However, suppose your pavement is nearing the end of its expected life, has potholes or drainage issues, has become a patchwork of old repairs, or suffers from alligator cracking. In that case, you should call an asphalt paving company. An overlay can be an economical alternative to removal and replacement, but some smaller damage areas may only need patching. Call a reputable commercial paving contractor to assess your pavement and recommend the appropriate course of action.

The Surface Masters Can Help

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