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A homeowners association has responsibilities that differ from those of a grocery store, restaurant, or clothing store. Retailers need to please their customers, while HOAs need to please the residents of their community. When they need an asphalt repair or maintenance procedure performed, retailers can schedule work on days that they are closed or have few customers. However, HOAs must consider the needs of the hundreds of residents who sometimes seem to expect the HOA to keep paved areas in pristine condition without ever causing them an inconvenience. An asphalt contractor needs special skills to help HOAs make the experience as frictionless as possible.

What an HOA Should Look For in an Atlanta Paving Contractor

What Special Skills Are Needed by Asphalt Companies Performing Work for an HOA?

Whether they are sealcoating asphalt parking lots or resurfacing asphalt streets, contractors need the expertise, staffing, and equipment to perform the job satisfactorily. The contractor you select should have a solid reputation for quality and customer service, experience in performing the type of work that you need, and excellent insurance. However, there are some additional skills that are important for contractors performing work for an HOA.

1. Your contractor must be able to see the complete picture. Your community may have cul-de-sacs, winding streets, or a limited number of main arteries. The contractor must be able to formulate a plan to control traffic that takes into account how closing one street could potentially impact traffic on other streets.
2. Your contractor must know when to perform work in phases. For example, it might be easier for him to close a major street completely for the duration of the work, but your residents are likely to voice their displeasure if they cannot have access to their driveways. Instead, your contractor might close one lane at a time.
3. Your contractor needs to excel at effective communication. He should work closely with the HOA representative to schedule the various tasks and help prepare accurate notices to residents. If issues arise that require altering the schedule, he should inform you immediately so that you can update your residents.
4. When performing street or parking lot maintenance, your contractor should clearly state which areas will be closed and when. You can then inform your residents of when they will need to move their cars and where they can find an alternate parking site.
5. Your contractor needs to be flexible. No matter how carefully you plan, you will likely encounter at least a few disgruntled residents. Perhaps they object to the timing of the work or the order in which the work will be handled. If you feel that their objections have merit, you should discuss the issue with your contractor. In turn, your contractor should be willing to work with you so that you can achieve your goals without alienating a large group of your residents.

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