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The Cobb County Parks and Rec. Division partnered with The Surface Masters Asphalt Team to conduct Pavement Maintenance Services at two of their larger public soccer parks. The intent of the project was to maintain the asphalt by means of Patching, Crack Sealing, Sealcoating, and Line Marking Services. In addition to the Pavement Maintenance Services, Cobb County also needed to update all ADA signage as well as mitigate speeding through the park via means of speed breaker installation throughout the main drives of the parks.

The Surface Masters Team began work with the milling and paving of all asphalt areas that were exhibiting signs of fatigue or potholes. These areas were all milled out and paved back in the same day at each park to reduce the down time of the parking lots. Following the cure time of the newly paved asphalt, the Crack Sealing Crews mobilized over the course of a week where all cracks were properly cleaned with routers, lances, and pressurized air and then sealed with hot-rubberized crack seal material that is heated and pressure-applied to the cracks. The Sealcoat Crews followed suit and completed the asphalt sealing via two spray coats in phases to allow use of the facilities during the resurfacing processes. After approx. 72 hours of the sealer application, the Line Marking Crews installed new wheel stops and ADA signs after laying out and re-striping the two facilities. All of these services were conducted in accordance with a project plan that included detailed phasing for each service that was designed around the convenience of the park.

In all, the project consisted of 1,500 square yards of milling and paving, 85,000 linear feet of crack sealing, 320,000 square feet of sealing and striping, the installation of 9 speed breakers, 25 wheel stops, and 17 ADA bollards and signs.

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