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How To Tell Whether You Need Commercial Paving or Industrial Paving

How To Tell Whether You Need Commercial Paving or Industrial PavingMany people believe that there is little or no difference between any two pavements beyond the amount of land each one covers. However, there can be significant differences between them, including the pavement thickness, base construction, and usage. Therefore, although some people believe that it does not matter whether they call an industrial or a commercial paving professional, there are advantages to choosing an appropriate contractor.

What Is Commercial Paving?

A commercial paving company focuses on constructing, repairing, and maintaining pavements for businesses that are motivated by the desire to earn a profit. Parking lots and other pavements are typically aesthetically pleasing and designed to draw the attention of potential customers. You will find examples of commercial paving in Atlanta at shopping centers, entertainment venues, restaurants, retail stores, office parks, and similar locations. Atlanta asphalt commercial paving tends to be well-maintained, and it usually has at least some landscaping features.

What Is Industrial Paving in Atlanta?

An industrial paving company installs, maintains, and repairs pavements at manufacturing, transportation, and similar facilities. Industrial paving in Atlanta is more about efficient functionality than Atlanta asphalt commercial paving. Aesthetics are often assigned little or no consideration when planning an industrial paving project. However, due to the need to support fully loaded tractor-trailers or heavy machinery, an industrial paving company must be proficient at designing pavements that can bear up under heavy loads.

What Are Some Similarities Between Industrial and Commercial Paving?

Many Atlanta paving companies also offer industrial paving, and this is evidence that the two categories have a great deal in common.

1. The basic construction techniques are fairly consistent for both industrial and commercial paving in Atlanta. The contractor will need to clear the site, compact the subgrade, and establish the grade. Whether you choose an industrial or commercial paving company, the contractor will construct an aggregate base to add strength and stability to a load-bearing pavement. The actual pavement is then installed; the pavement depth will depend on the engineering design, but depth is usually greater for industrial paving in Atlanta.
2. Whether you need both services in Atlanta, the skill, experience, and knowledge of the contractor is of the utmost importance. Both industrial and commercial asphalt paving projects can be complex in nature and large in scope. Therefore, contractors will need a thorough understanding of the numerous steps involved and the best way to execute each step.
3. The same types of pavements may be constructed at both commercial and industrial facilities. Regardless of whether the company produces goods or sells them, parking lots, walkways, and loading docks are often required. Industrial facilities are frequently spread over more land, so contractors may need to construct streets to provide access to the entire location. However, this may also be necessary for office parks, shopping malls, and similar commercial sites.

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