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Help Keep Your Facility Safe During Asphalt Paving Repairs

Help Keep Your Facility Safe During Asphalt Paving RepairsIf you are an experienced facility manager, you understand the importance of timely repairs. At the same time, you are aware of the need to limit disruptions to your operations without compromising the safety of those who use or work at your facility. If you are concerned about keeping your facility safe during asphalt paving repairs, you should focus on three areas: researching, communicating, and supporting.

Why Should Facility Managers Research Asphalt Paving Repairs?

Asphalt repairs in Atlanta can involve an area of just a few square feet or virtually the entire pavement. At some point, the expense of numerous asphalt repairs may make overlaying or reconstructing the pavement a more cost-effective option. However, in terms of the safety of a local asphalt repair, it is more important for you to understand the potential hazards involved. If you choose a trustworthy asphalt repair company, your contractor can explain the possible risks and the steps you should take to mitigate them. In general, asphalt repair companies are concerned about the noise levels, the copious amounts of dust generated, and the practicalities of having heavy equipment operating in close proximity to people. Because every asphalt repair project can have many variables, you should discuss your project’s safety issues with the Atlanta asphalt repair company you hire.

Why Are Effective Communications Important During Asphalt Paving Repairs?

Before your contractor arrives to begin your asphalt repair, you should have already implemented a plan to communicate vital information to facility occupants and staff members. You will also need to keep the lines of communication open with your asphalt repair company.

1. You should inform personnel of the date that your local asphalt repair contractor has scheduled to begin working on your project. You should also advise them of the estimated total duration of the work.
2. If your contractor plans to perform your asphalt repairs in phases, let people know what work will be done in which areas and on what dates. For example, if your Atlanta asphalt repair company plans to divide your parking lot into eight sections that can be closed, repaired, and reopened individually, convey this schedule to affected parties.
3. If your asphalt repair contractor must deviate from the plan, you need to know as soon as possible. In turn, you will need to let the people under your responsibility know.
4. Changes to where people need to walk, park, or drive must be communicated as far in advance as possible. Whether you use signs, send texts, use email, or post on an internal bulletin board is less important than ensuring that you reach the people who need the information.

How Can a Facility Manager Help Support Safe Asphalt Paving Repairs?

It has been said that safety is everyone’s responsibility, and that is definitely true when you need an asphalt repair. A safe work environment is a cooperative effort between you and your asphalt repair company.

1. Provide personal protective equipment to your workers or visitors who might need it. You can ask your Atlanta asphalt repair company to recommend the types of PPE to provide. Keep in mind that you may need to consider special provisions for people with asthma or other respiratory issues. You may also need to provide earplugs or earmuffs for hearing protection.
2. Help your asphalt repair company ensure that the work area has adequate lighting. Your local asphalt repair company will likely bring temporary lighting to increase the illumination in the area. If you have access to additional portable lights, ask whether they are needed.
3. Work with your Atlanta asphalt repair company to establish a physical barrier to prevent pedestrians or vehicles from intruding into the work area. At one end of the scale, serious barriers include fixed guard rails or fences. At the other end, sawhorse-shaped barricades, stanchions, and even caution tape may sometimes be sufficient barriers.

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