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How to Get the Most Accurate Bid from Atlanta Paving Contractors

How to Get the Most Accurate Bid from Atlanta Paving ContractorsHow to Get the Most Accurate Bid from Atlanta Paving Contractors

Speaking with Atlanta paving contractors can be daunting. New paving is a substantial investment, and most property owners don’t have in-depth knowledge about what it takes to construct reliable surfaces. For that reason, getting bids from multiple paving contractors can be confusing and overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are a few tips on getting accurate figures when getting bids for your next paving project.

Do I Even Need to Consult with Paving Contractors?

Discussing the details of a project and getting a paving contractors bid is the crucial first step of investing in your property. Asphalt paving in Atlanta might look simple, but it’s not a project you should attempt to DIY. Always go to experienced and reputable contractors for all your paving needs.

The best paving contractors in Atlanta are here to serve you. They’ll work closely with you to understand your needs and develop effective solutions.

Before speaking with contractors, take some time to familiarize yourself with paving terminology. You don’t have to become super knowledgeable, but understanding what paving entails will take you far when getting bids. For example, you can learn about the types of repairs your existing pavement needs, the general thickness of new paving you want, etc.

Great contractors will fill the education gap and guide you through the process, but general knowledge helps when making sense of a paving contractors bid.

How Specific Should I Be When Getting a Paving Contractors Bid?

Specifics can help your Atlanta paving company produce more accurate figures for your project. The more specific you are in the scope of work involved, the better. A big reason why projects cost significantly more than what a contractor originally estimates is because they encounter logistics they didn’t account for.

For example, they may realize that your site needs more prep work or repairs than anticipated, ballooning the overall price.

Be specific about the project’s scope to help paving companies do more precise calculations about materials, labor and more. Do rough measurements to understand the general length, width and depth of your asphalt paving in Atlanta. Then, consider examining the site and informing paving companies of the potential challenges they might encounter while working.

Bringing those specifics up will help your paving company in Atlanta plan for all the work involved, not just the basics.

How Much Can I Expect Paving To Cost?

Costs will vary between paving contractors. However, most of the differences will lie in labor costs. One way to ensure more accuracy in the bids you receive from every asphalt paving company is to have a general idea of the volume of the material required. That’s an expense that will be consistent across bids.

Paving companies order asphalt in tons. A simple calculation can help you understand how much materials contractors will need.

Start by getting a rough length and width measurement. Then, consider the required thickness. Light-duty surfaces like parking lots are usually four to five inches thick. Meanwhile, pavement that needs to accommodate heavy vehicles is usually seven to eight inches thick.

Now, perform these calculations:

Length(ft) X Width(ft) X Depth (ft) = Cubic Feet of Coverage

Next, multiply the total cubic feet by the pounds of asphalt required per cubic foot. The exact weight will vary, but most standard parking lots need 145 pounds of asphalt per cubic foot.

Multiply the cubic feet of coverage by 145 pounds, and you get the total weight of asphalt required for your project. Divide that by 2,000, and you get the tonnage.

This figure can change once your Atlanta paving company gets into specifics, but having it in your mind will make it easier to ensure you’re getting an accurate bid.

Should I Get Bids from Multiple Contractors?

Many paving companies in Atlanta want your business. Don’t settle for the first one you speak with. Get quotes from several and compare costs to choose the best Atlanta paving company to meet your needs.

Do your due diligence. The best paving contractors in Atlanta will have full licensing, insurance, great examples of past work, references and more. Research every company you consider, compare bids and make your decision!

The Surface Masters is among the best paving contractors in Atlanta. We’re an award-winning company with a proven track record of excellence. No matter the project’s scope, we take time to understand our clients’ needs. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and our team works hard to deliver.

You can turn to us for new asphalt paving, repairs, milling and reclamation, resurfacing, sealcoating, pavement markings, concrete curbing and more.

Let us show you why The Surface Masters leads the pack among the most trusted paving contractors in the area! Call us at (770)250-6392, email the team at Info@TheSurfaceMasters.com or use our online contact form to get your free quote today!

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