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How Often Is Asphalt Sealcoating In Georgia Needed?

The retail industry has always been competitive, but the introduction of online shopping has made attracting customers to a physical store even more difficult. From small shops to warehouse stores, retailers are developing increasingly creative ways to keep customers walking through their doors. However, some retailers forget that customers gain their first impressions of a store from the condition of the parking lot. If you are a retailer in the Atlanta area, professional parking lot maintenance can provide you with some unexpected help.

How Atlanta Retailers Can Benefit From Parking Lot Maintenance

What Is Parking Lot Maintenance?

There are some parking lot maintenance tasks in Atlanta that you can handle yourself. For example, you or one of your employees can pick up trash to prevent it from detracting from your curb appeal and potentially damaging your pavement. However, the most valuable maintenance tasks are those that are provided by a professional. These include parking lot sealcoating, asphalt repairs, and parking lot striping.

How Does Parking Lot Maintenance Benefit Retailers?

Put yourself in a potential customer’s shoes. Would you prefer to dodge potholes to prevent damage to your vehicle and a possible injury to yourself, or would you rather patronize a store with a safer lot? If the striping is faded, missing, or damaged, would you be more inclined to rush through the store to purchase only the item that you need because you are worried that the chaos in the lot could leave your car with a new dent or scrape? How would you perceive the quality of the store’s products? Would you feel that the company values your business and cares about you? A neglected parking lot speaks volumes to your customers about your business, so you want to make sure that it tells a positive story. If that is not sufficient incentive, you should also understand that maintaining your parking lot will save you a substantial amount of money in the long run. Without the proper maintenance, asphalt paving will deteriorate faster, often requiring a complete reconstruction less than halfway through its original life expectancy. Throughout its abbreviated life, it will need to be repaired more frequently and at greater expense.

How Often Do I Need Parking Lot Sealcoating and Other Maintenance Services?

Virtually all parking lot paving companies in Atlanta recommend sealcoating new asphalt paving no later than 12 months after completion. After the initial application, the procedure should be repeated periodically. Your contractor will tell you how frequently your specific parking lot needs to be sealed, but most sealcoating contractors in North Georgia recommend a fresh application about every two years. Asphalt repairs should be made as soon as a significant crack or pothole appears. Ideally, you or your contractor should conduct a thorough inspection every six months to identify areas that need to be repaired. Parking lot striping usually has approximately the same life as sealcoating, so many people schedule both services at the same time. Even if your painted markings are in good shape, the sealant will cover them, so plan on repainting your markings and stripes when you sealcoat. It is typically more efficient and less costly to choose one company to provide all of the paving services you need for your parking lot.

The Surface Masters Can Help You Design a Maintenance Program for Your Parking Lot

We are experts in all procedures that you may need to maintain your asphalt parking lot, including asphalt repair and crack sealing, parking lot sealcoating, concrete curbing, asphalt resurfacing, and parking lot striping. Our reputation for quality, integrity, and service is exemplary. We serve commercial clients throughout the greater Atlanta area. If you are interested in receiving a free quote, you can submit our online request form, call our office at 770-250-6392, or email us at Info@TheSurfaceMasters.com.

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