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Asphalt pavement installations can be comparatively economical and rapid, and the same qualities apply if your pavement needs maintenance or repairs. However, whether you are having a new pavement constructed, routine maintenance performed, or cracks and other damage repaired, the asphalt company you choose will play a critical role in the success of your project. Finding the answers to the following questions can help you find the right company to handle your project.

How To Choose the Best Asphalt Company in Atlanta!

How Much Experience Does the Asphalt Company Have With Projects Similar to Yours?

To ensure success, you want to choose a contractor with experience in projects of a similar type and scope. For example, asphalt contractors who have never resurfaced anything larger than a suburban driveway may not have the knowledge, equipment, and skills to resurface a parking lot that has room for 8,000 cars. There are many details involved that a paving contractor must handle, including traffic control, the timing of asphalt deliveries, and ensuring the availability of the right asphalt milling machines and trained operators. The larger the scope of the project, the more details there are, and the contractor needs sufficient experience to create and execute a viable plan.

What Insurance Does the Asphalt Company Have?

By law, asphalt contractors in Atlanta with at least three employees must carry workers’ compensation insurance. You can verify coverage online by visiting the website for the State Board of Workers’ Compensation. This is an extremely important type of insurance for those working in the asphalt paving industry as well as the customer. Should one of the contractor’s employees be injured on your property, the employee could seek compensation from you if the contractor does not carry workers’ comp. Another vital type of insurance is a general liability policy to cover any damage caused by the contractor’s crew members to your property or the property of your neighbors. In addition, the company should carry vehicle liability insurance. If a contractor cannot or will not provide you with proof of insurance, you could be placing your finances at risk.

What Other Services Does the Asphalt Paving Company Offer?

Some companies offer a limited range of services. For example, a company may only offer crack repairs, asphalt sealcoating, and parking lot striping, so you would need to hire a different company if you need a pothole repaired. If you can find a reputable company that offers every service you might need, you can make your pavement management easier. The contractor gains familiarity with your pavement, making it more likely that minor issues will be detected early so that they can be addressed before a major problem occurs.

How Effectively Does the Contractor Communicate With You?

Asphalt contractors and their representatives should be able to communicate with you in a clear, respectful manner. You should never feel that your questions are unimportant, and you should receive answers that are not peppered with industry jargon. Especially on large projects, the ability and willingness of a contractor to maintain effective communications can be the difference between a project that is completed on time and within budget, and a project that suffers from numerous delays, overruns, and misunderstandings.

The Surface Masters Is the Company to Choose

The Surface Masters is a well-respected Atlanta paving company with impeccable references and an exemplary reputation for craftsmanship, service, and integrity. Our services include asphalt repair, sealcoating, asphalt paving, concrete work, pavement markings, asphalt crack sealing, and asphalt milling and resurfacing. Our clients include educational facilities, commercial properties, health care facilities, homeowner associations, condos and apartment complexes, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, and retail stores. For a free quote on your next project, simply fill out the online form, call 770-250-6392, or send an email to Info@TheSurfaceMasters.com.

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