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Whether you need an asphalt repair, overlay, or a new pavement, it is always best to ask several asphalt paving contractors to submit bids. When the bids arrive, you will probably find that the total project costs are different on every quote. In most cases, the bulk of the bids will be relatively close, but there can also be some that are substantially higher or lower. In order to determine which bid offers the best value, you will need to compare them carefully.

Why Might Differences Exist Between Asphalt Paving Bids?

A commercial paving contractor must consider a number of factors when preparing a quote for paving services. These include the type of work, the area involved, the quantities of material needed, the process to be used, the labor hours, and the mix design. Variations in any of these factors can result in a difference in the total cost. Therefore, you need to compare each factor to find the discrepancies. If you find a major discrepancy, you should ask the Atlanta paving company that submitted the bid for an explanation. It is important to note that the contractor may have a valid reason for the discrepancy, and it could actually be to your benefit.

How Do I Evaluate the Differences Between Paving Quotes?

Depending on your situation, you can create a spreadsheet on your computer, draw a grid on a piece of paper, or simply arrange the quotes side by side. Next, compare each line item or category.

1. Each quote should specify the paving services that are part of the bid. If you are soliciting quotes for parking lot resurfacing, for example, you might think that every contractor is quoting on the same services. However, one contractor may include repairing cracks in the pavement that exist after milling. Different contractors may not include crack repairs, but they may include installing an additional catch basin.
2. The area is simply the total square footage involved. The area of the pavement may or may not equal your land area. For example, if you have a parking lot with landscaping islands between every parking aisle, you will not need to pave those islands.
3. Whether they are installing overlays or making repairs, contractors must know how much paving asphalt will be required. The area is part of the equation, but contractors must also account for the asphalt depth. Quotes that show equivalent areas without showing equivalent material quantities could mean that there is a variation in the depth. The depth should always be stated separately, and it should always represent the compacted depth.
4. Experienced commercial paving contractors know a number of ways to complete a project. For example, when installing asphalt overlays, they may choose to either fill or seal the underlying cracks. There could also be discrepancies in the use of tack coats.
5. It is usually better to compare the labor hours than compare the labor costs. There can be several reasons for a difference in the total labor costs, including the experience and skills of the contractor’s employees. However, if there is a wide discrepancy in either the hours or the total cost, you might want to ask for an explanation.
6. Paving asphalt mixes are available in several varieties and types, and there can be substantial differences in their prices, qualities, and performance. If most contractors tendered quotes for equivalent mixes, you might want to ask for an explanation from those who specified something very different. For example, if most contractors recommended a general-purpose mix, you might want to inquire why one contractor recommended a porous asphalt mix.

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