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The stripes and markings in your parking lot are important for several reasons. They make your parking lot safer, help protect you from potential liabilities, enhance your curb appeal, and help you achieve full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Unfortunately, your parking lot striping will not last forever. If you are not sure how to determine whether you need to re-stripe, just ask yourself the following questions.


How Long Has It Been Since My Parking Lot Striping?

Atlanta parking lot striping typically has an average lifespan of approximately two years. However, the age of your lot striping is only one factor in determining your striping schedule.

How Well Can I See My Parking Lot Striping and Markings?

Your stripes and markings are of little use if people cannot see them easily. Striping contractors recommend repainting your pavement markings and stripes as soon as they lose more than 25% of their original visibility.

What Is the Condition of My Lot Striping and Markings?

The amount of traffic that your parking lot supports can accelerate wear or inflict damage. Oil or other petrochemicals can leak on your stripes and markings, or heavyweight trucks can wear away the paint.

What Is the Condition of My Asphalt Parking Lot?

Over the course of your pavement’s life, it will need a few crack repairs and possibly a patch or two. If your pavement has not aged gracefully, there may be a great many crack repairs. The surface of your pavement could be rough or showing signs of distress. Under these conditions, your parking lot paint will not be able to adhere as well as it could to a smooth, undamaged surface with fewer repairs.
Furthermore, reputable parking lot striping companies will not attempt to paint over damage because it would not be successful. Thus, when striping parking lots, contractors will want to repair any significant damage so that you will be happy with the results.

Have You Noticed an Increase in Accidents or Complaints?

If drivers cannot see your Atlanta parking lot striping and pavement markings clearly, they can become distracted. This increases the chances that they will fail to stop in time, notice a car that is backing into the traffic aisle, or identify a pedestrian in a crosswalk. An increase in fender-benders or auto-pedestrian accidents could indicate that your lot striping is lacking. This is also true if you notice an uptick in complaints that do not involve a collision. If more people are complaining about vehicles parked in no-parking areas, door dents, or vehicles parked in reserved spaces, your striping and markings could be to blame.

Has the Nature of Your Business Changed Since Your Parking Lot Was Last Striped?

Many people do not realize that the ADA requirements are not identical for every type of business. For example, a retail parking lot with 100 total spaces must reserve at least four spaces for handicapped parking. However, an outpatient physical therapy facility with a 100-space parking lot must provide 20 handicapped spaces. If you have taken over an existing building that once served a different purpose, your current parking lot layout may have too few or too many accessible spaces.

Where Can I Learn More About Atlanta Parking Lot Striping?

The Surface Masters is a leading parking lot maintenance company serving the Atlanta metropolitan area with exceptional workmanship at competitive prices. We offer asphalt paving, asphalt repairs, crack sealing, concrete curbing, asphalt milling and reclamation, and asphalt sealcoating. We have an exemplary reputation for customer service, creativity, craftsmanship, and integrity. If you would like to request a free job quote, email Info@TheSurfaceMasters.com, call 770-250-6392, or use our online form to submit your information.

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