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The Park at Town Lake Apartments Asphalt Project was a three-phase project which included Asphalt Patching, Crack Sealing, and Sealcoating and Striping Services. The Paving Crew was the initial crew to mobilize to allow enough time for the new asphalt that was placed to properly cure, prior to the sealer application. It was during this mobilization where the deteriorated areas of the parking lot were saw cut, removed, and replaced with new hot mix asphalt. Following the proper cure time of the new asphalt, roughly 30 days, the Crack Seal Crew mobilized and sealed approximately 8,896 lineal feet with a Crafco Crack Seal Machine, which is an industry leader in crack seal equipment. The Sealcoat and Striping Crews were the last to mobilize and this portion of the project was broken up into 5 separate sections for resident convenience. The asphalt in each section was sealed in a single day and striped early the next morning so the parking lot could be opened to residents and fully functioning the next day. In total, the crew sealed approximately 169,458 square feet of asphalt throughout the entire community. During the sealcoat portion of the project, a traffic control company was brought in by The Surface Masters Team to safely direct residents in and out of the community while those sections were shut down due to Sealing and Striping Services. Safety is one of many key components that lead to successful Asphalt Resurfacing Projects, a task The Surface Masters Team is aware of and brings to fruition on all projects.

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