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The Surface Masters recently completed a large Sealcoat and Stripe Project at New Manchester High School located in Douglasville, GA. The project scope included Sealcoating 609,032 square feet of pavement, crack sealing up to 12,231 lineal feet, and re-striping all pavement markings. The new school year was quickly approaching, and the county required 100% completion before the school year started. With the upcoming school year just around the corner, our Operations Team had to develop a 9-Phase Project Plan that catered towards the faculty meetings and extracurricular activities that occurred daily. In addition to the strategic phasing plan, the team had to logistically plan ahead for material deliveries given the required productivity rate in order to stay on schedule and complete the project on time. The team averaged sealcoating and striping 67,760 square feet per day throughout the project, which is nearly double the typical productivity. Consequently, the exceptional production rate and discipline portrayed by our Project Team allowed us to complete on time and within budget!


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