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The Park Plaza Shopping Center, located just outside of Atlanta, is a 46,500 square foot, Kroger anchored, retail center drawing more than 16,000 customers weekly. The asphalt parking lot consists of roughly 200,000 square feet of pavement. With that kind of traffic in mind, asphalt maintenance is a crucial part of maintaining the property’s value and appearance. As a result of the constant heavy traffic patterns and the current condition of the asphalt, this project called for a squeegee/spray sealcoat application. This application is a superior sealcoat application method where the first coat of asphalt sealcoat is applied via squeegee method with our squeegee machine and the second coat is applied via spray application. This method allows more sealer to be applied and forced into the voids and grooves of the asphalt which provides a longer wear cycle and superior protection. The second coat is applied via spray method which not only provides another coat of protection, but also helps cover and blend the squeegee marks for aesthetic purposes. Due to the heavy vehicle traffic, this project was divided into multiple phases for convenience and safety purposes. Prior to the sealcoat portion of the project, roughly 9,000 feet of cracks were cracksealed to help preserve the asphalt and seal out any water from making its way beneath the pavement causing further asphalt deterioration. Following the crackseal and sealcoat portions of the project, the parking lot was then striped by our Parking Lot Marking Crew in the evening hours to avoid any inconvenience to the daily traffic patterns and activity of the center.

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