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It is not uncommon to find scuff marks on asphalt paving that has been recently installed. Tire scuffing is not an indication of poor construction or inferior materials, and the scuff marks will have no impact on the pavement’s life. Instead, these scuff marks are strictly cosmetic, and they should disappear within a few months once the pavement has been subjected to traffic.

What Causes Scuff Marks on Asphalt Paving?

Numerous things can cause tire scuffing on the new asphalt paving Atlanta contractors install. Here are some of the causes that parking lot paving companies frequently identify.

1. The tires were overheated. This is more common on the hottest summer days, especially if the vehicles are entering your pavement after having been driven on hot, high-speed thoroughfares.
2. Vehicles with power steering can leave scuff marks if drivers engage the steering wheel while the car is stationary. Vehicles with front-wheel drive can be particularly prone to scuffing under these conditions.
3. The less time that elapses between when the paving contractor completes the installation and when traffic is allowed access, the more likely it is that scuffing will occur. Typically, an asphalt contractor will recommend a minimum wait time, but you may be able to reduce scuffing if you can wait longer.
4. The asphalt mix can affect the likelihood of scuffing. For example, if the paving company has been asked to maximize smoothness and appearance, the mix may include additional sand and incorporate fine aggregates. The type of asphalt cement used can also impact scuffing, but this is more likely to occur when installation occurs during or immediately before the hottest part of summer.
5. The type of tires on the vehicles using your pavement can increase the likelihood of scuffing. With wider treads and shorter sidewalls than traditional tires, low-profile tires are especially likely to scuff.

Is It Possible to Prevent Tire Scuffs on New Asphalt Paving?

In most cases, your asphalt contractor will advise you to ignore any scuff marks that appear. Any attempt at an asphalt repair to remove scuff marks is likely to inflict more damage to the pavement than is justified for a purely cosmetic reason. There is not much that you can do to prevent scuffing, but there are a few things that you can try.

1. Lowering the temperature of the pavement by flooding it with water may help prevent scuff marks in some instances. However, you should discuss this with your paving company first.
2. Have your paving contractor apply sand around loading docks, truck scales, and other locations that are routinely accessed by heavyweight vehicles.
3. Wait as long as possible to open your pavement to traffic. You might also consider allowing access in phases. For example, you could allow pedestrians and bicyclists to have access before you allow passenger vehicles, and you could allow passenger vehicles access before you allow buses and trucks on your pavement.
4. Once your asphalt contractor advises you that your pavement is sufficiently cured, have sealcoating applied immediately. This should be followed by your pavement markings or parking lot striping.
5. If possible, remind drivers to avoid turning their steering wheels while their vehicles are stationary. This may not be practical for some commercial establishments, but it could be a good strategy if the pavement is an employee parking lot, located within a gated community, or the parking lot of an apartment complex.

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