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You may have a binder on your office bookshelf and a topcoat in your bedroom closet, but when asphalt paving contractors speak of binders and topcoats, they are referring to very different things. Asphalt pavements are installed in layers, and contractors refer to two of these layers as the binder and the topcoat.

What Is an Asphalt Paving Binder Layer?

The binder, which some commercial paving contractors call the base coat, is a layer of asphalt that is installed on top of an aggregate base or foundation. The base layer is instrumental in providing strength and support so that the pavement can withstand the loads it was engineered to carry. Typically, an Atlanta asphalt paving company will design different mixes for the base coat, intermediate layers, and surface course, and each type will contain crushed stones or rocks of different sizes. The asphalt company will normally use the largest stones in the mix for the binder layer.

What Is an Asphalt Paving Topcoat?

To a commercial paving contractor, a topcoat is the uppermost layer of an asphalt pavement. Your paving contractor may call this layer the driving course or finish layer. The mix for this layer will contain the smallest stones or rocks, and it is designed to minimize road noise, enhance traction, and provide a smooth driving surface. An asphalt company typically designs the topcoat mix to be visually appealing as well.

In an Asphalt Pavement, What Lies Between the Topcoat and the Binder?

After installing the binder, your paving contractor will begin installing the intermediate asphalt layers. Each course of asphalt will be thoroughly compacted before the next layer is placed. The number of intermediate layers will depend on the engineering specifications for your particular project. Once the intermediate layers have been installed, the pavement is finished by installing the topcoat or surface course.

Is the Process the Same for Installing an Overlay?

Typically, an asphalt overlay will have a topcoat to ensure that the surface provides aesthetic appeal and a smooth ride. However, because the existing pavement is serving as the foundation of the overlay, your asphalt company may not need to install a base coat. If your Atlanta asphalt paving company had to perform full-depth patching to repair foundation damage prior to installing an overlay, the patched areas will likely include a base coat.

The Surface Masters Offers the Paving Solutions You Need

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