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If you have never worked in the asphalt industry, you might not know all of the steps contractors take to construct a new pavement. In fact, you may even think that crews do little more than run a rolling machine over the hot asphalt. However, in reality, installing asphalt paving is a complicated process that starts with sitework before the first asphalt truck arrives.

What Is Asphalt Paving Sitework?

Most asphalt paving companies consider sitework as all the steps that they must complete prior to installing the hot mix asphalt. Some asphalt paving Atlanta contractors even include the installation of the actual pavement as sitework. Commercial paving professionals typically consider sitework as clearing the land, grading, preparing the foundation, and constructing the pavement.

What Would an Atlanta Parking Lot Paving Contractor Do to Clear a Site?

If the contractor needs to build a pavement on undeveloped land, the first step would be to remove any obstacles. The paving contractor must remove boulders, trees, shrubs, and other obstructions within the boundaries of what will become the pavement. If the paving company must build a pavement on previously developed land, it must generally do a bit more work. The paving contractor must demolish any existing structures or pavements, then haul away the debris.

Why Do Asphalt Paving Companies Grade the Site of a Pavement Installation?

When you look at an asphalt pavement, it will probably appear to be perfectly flat, but it is not. A flat pavement would allow water to remain on its surface until the water evaporated. Water is not a friend of asphalt pavements, especially if it manages to work its way beneath the surface. Therefore, asphalt paving in Atlanta always has a bit of a slope to facilitate runoff. However, there is a second reason for grading the site. Asphalt pavements should always rest on a stable, level foundation. If the foundation is not level, the hot mix asphalt will attempt to follow the contours of the terrain.

How Do Contractors Prepare a Foundation for Asphalt Paving?

Asphalt paving companies usually consider the foundation to consist of the subgrade, subbase, and base. The subgrade is simply the ground that represents the lowest tier in the structure of the pavement. The subbase usually consists of an aggregate that the contractor installs on top of the subgrade. The base virtually always consists of small rocks or gravel, and the contractor will construct it on top of the subbase. The paving company must compact each tier of the foundation before installing the next.

How Do Contractors Install the Courses of Asphalt Paving in Atlanta?

After the contractor has completed the base, it is time to install the base coat. The base coat is a course of asphalt that covers the aggregate base. The contractor then installs the number of asphalt courses to meet the total thickness stated in the engineering design. The last course will be the driving course; your contractor may refer to this as the surface course or finish course. The paving company will compact every course of asphalt before installing the next.

The Surface Masters Can Help

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