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Your Summer Asphalt Maintenance Check List!

Your Summer Asphalt Maintenance Check List!Your Summer Asphalt Maintenance Check List!

Your asphalt pavement is a big investment that requires ongoing maintenance to stay in great shape. While there’s a lot you can do throughout the year to prevent damage and maximize longevity, the scorching heat of summer presents new challenges you must overcome. In this blog, you’ll learn the ins and outs of summer asphalt maintenance to keep your blacktop strong, beautiful and damage-free!

What Should I Look For When Performing Asphalt Maintenance?

Regular examinations are the most important part of asphalt maintenance. During the summer, it’s wise to perform a thorough inspection to spot signs of trouble or identify asphalt repair issues that need addressing. Many contractors offering asphalt maintenance in Atlanta can do this for you, ensuring you cover all your bases.

The most important things to look for during an inspection include:

• Cracks
• Warped or softened asphalt
• Vehicle fluids
• Pooling water
• Raveling
• Potholes
• Alligator cracking
• Discoloration
• Buckling
• Stains

If you spot any of these issues, invest in asphalt maintenance service as soon as possible to prevent them from worsening in the summer heat.

What Forms of Asphalt Repair Should I Do During the Summer Season?

The good news is that skilled pavement maintenance companies are more than capable of addressing the aforementioned asphalt repair problems and more. Professional repair and asphalt maintenance service can make all the difference, ensuring your pavement can beat the heat!

Invest in repairs at the start of the summer season or earlier. Companies offering pavement maintenance services can perform crack sealing, patch repairs and more. When done correctly, these repairs will prevent damage from worsening and mitigate future problems that could arise due to summer conditions.

Address repairs immediately to ensure you can proceed with standard pavement maintenance tasks before the summer heat reaches its peak.

What Pavement Maintenance Task Will Protect My Pavement from the Heat?

Asphalt sealcoating is among the most important forms of Atlanta asphalt maintenance. Most surfaces only need it every three to five years. However, the exact needs of your pavement will depend on many factors, so it’s wise to hire an asphalt maintenance professional for guidance.

Proper asphalt sealcoating involves adequate site preparation and careful application of a high-quality sealer. Once cured, the sealer forms a protective barrier that shields asphalt from water penetration, UV damage, leaking vehicle fluids and more. It works wonders to prevent unwanted oxidation and is critical to successful asphalt maintenance in Atlanta.

What Should I Do to Minimize Repair Issues?

Beyond asphalt sealcoating, repairs and regular inspections, you can do a few things to avoid major asphalt repair issues. Many companies specializing in asphalt maintenance in Atlanta recommend keeping your pavement as clean as possible throughout the season. Get into the habit of sweeping away debris and power-washing paved surfaces. Doing so can prevent fluids, trash and other items from causing premature deterioration. Plus, it can help you spot issues like cracks and potholes as they occur.

Another important tip is to avoid parking vehicles in the same spot every day, if possible. That’s not always feasible for commercial properties, but parking vehicles in different spots may help prevent pressure-related cracks and sinking.

Are you looking to invest in professional asphalt maintenance service this summer? Look no further than The Surface Masters! We’re pavement maintenance pros and were voted America’s number-one pavement contractor! The Surface Masters offers many services, including new asphalt paving, sealcoating, repairs, crack sealing, pavement markings, resurfacing, reclamation and more.

At The Surface Masters, we’ve spent many years building a positive reputation based on our unwavering commitment to quality work, timeliness, and clear communication. Our team is dedicated to delivering great results, no matter your maintenance needs.

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