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What Is a Cut and Patch Asphalt Repair?

What Is a Cut and Patch Asphalt Repair?Although asphalt pavements are remarkably durable, virtually all of them will need at least one repair during their lifetime. In addition, it is sometimes necessary to remove a section of pavement to access underground utilities or address certain drainage issues. An asphalt repair technique known as patching is the most common solution when a relatively small area of a pavement needs to be mended. Although there are several ways to repair an asphalt pavement, the longest-lasting and most popular are the cut and patch methods.

What Is a Cut and Patch Asphalt Repair?

A cut and patch asphalt paving repair starts with the removal of a defined area of pavement.  Pavement repair companies typically use a saw to cut out the desired area in the shape of a square or rectangle. The depth of the asphalt removed depends on whether the pavement repair company is performing a partial- or full-depth patch.

1. To perform a partial-depth patch, your local pavement repair contractor will cut out a predetermined depth of pavement that lies between the surface and the base. This method of asphalt repair in Atlanta does not provide a way to perform work on the base layers.
2. To perform a full-depth patch, contractors remove the entire depth of the asphalt pavement. This gives them access to the base layers if the foundation needs to be strengthened or repaired. Full-depth patching is one of the most common pavement repairs in Atlanta, and it is considered the longest-lasting type of patch.

After removing the asphalt and preparing the void, which includes any work on the foundation if the asphalt paving repair utilizes the full-depth method, new courses of asphalt are placed and compacted.

What Are the Advantages of a Cut and Patch Pavement Repair?

Whether an asphalt paving repair is needed to fix a pothole, or the pavement had to be removed for other reasons, the method offers significant advantages.

1. Cut and patch pavement repairs in Atlanta are cost-effective. They are less expensive than resurfacing, and they can prevent water from entering and destabilizing the base.
2. A cut and patch asphalt paving repair seriously limits the disruption to traffic or your operation. In most cases, an asphalt repair company can perform the entire procedure very quickly, and the area affected is comparatively small.
3. The cut and patch method of Atlanta pavement repairs allows transitions, manhole covers, curb reveals, and other features to be retained at their original elevations.

Is a Cut and Patch Asphalt Repair Always the Best Solution?

Cut and patch repairs are one of the most commonly performed pavement repair in Atlanta. However, they may not be the right solution for every pavement.

1. If more than about 25% of your entire pavement needs to be repaired, milling and overlaying may be more cost-effective.
2. Severe subterranean drainage issues that extend beneath a significant portion of your pavement may require a reconstruction to eliminate.
3. The cut and patch method of asphalt paving repair may not be ideal for aged pavements that are nearing the end of their life expectancy. This is especially true if there are other issues, including serious drainage issues or widespread damage. If your pavement is already falling apart, Atlanta pavement repairs will only buy you a short reprieve before a reconstruction becomes necessary.

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