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How To Prepare for Atlanta Sealcoating and Upcoming Rain

How To Prepare for Atlanta Sealcoating and Upcoming RainIf your mission is to have an asphalt pavement with a longer life and fewer repairs, periodic sealcoating applications are an economical way to meet your goals. As a bonus, sealcoating also improves the appearance of asphalt pavements, restoring their dark color and giving them an even, smooth appearance. Although sealcoating cannot be applied while rain is falling, what happens if it rains before your Atlanta sealcoating dries? Depending on when and how much it rains, the results could range from an imperfect appearance to a complete loss.

Why Is It a Problem for Rain to Fall Immediately After an Atlanta Sealcoating Application?

Manufacturers typically provide sealcoating contractors with a dry, concentrated form of their products. It is the responsibility of the sealcoating company to prepare a liquid mixture for application. When sealcoating parking lot pavements and other open areas, the liquid is normally applied with a sprayer. The liquid evaporates its moisture to dry, and the sealcoating will adhere to the pavement during the curing process. Once the sealcoating is completely dry, it is virtually impossible for rain to hurt it. Until then, however, it is vulnerable, but its vulnerability decreases as it dries.

1. If the sealcoating has experienced little or no evaporation, a heavy rainfall could wash it away completely, so the entire job would need to be repeated.
2. If the rain is not particularly heavy, the drops impacting the sealant could leave blotches behind, marring the appearance of the surface.
3. Depending on how much water has evaporated from your Atlanta sealcoating and the amount of rain that falls, some sealant could be lost in spots, or the rain could just make the surface appear blotchy.

Reputable sealcoating contractors want their work to be as flawless as possible, and they certainly do not want to have to repeat the job because of rain. Therefore, an experienced sealcoating contractor will pay close attention to the weather forecasts and delay the job if there is a good chance of rain on the scheduled day. Unfortunately, contractors who apply sealcoating in Atlanta are used to the area’s highly changeable weather, so they may need to reschedule a job at the last minute. If this happens to you, please understand that your sealcoating contractor is doing it because it is in your best interests.

How Much Time Is Required Before Atlanta Sealcoating Is Impervious to Rain?

The first thing to understand is that sealcoating takes up to 24 hours to cure, but it does not need to be fully cured before it rains. It just needs to dry. Drying can take place in as little as 30 minutes, or it can take several hours. Your Atlanta sealcoating company will estimate the drying time by considering the factors that impact the rate at which the water will evaporate from the sealcoating mix.

1. What is the temperature? The cooler it is, the longer it will take for the water to evaporate from the sealcoating.
2. What is the wind speed? A light breeze expedites evaporation by moving saturated air away from the surface of the pavement.
3. What is the humidity level? As humidity levels fall, the rate of evaporation rises.
4. Is it a sunny day? The sun both generates and renews heat, so the rate of evaporation decreases if the skies are cloudy.

The Surface Masters can answer any additional questions you might have about sealcoating in Atlanta. We are experienced professionals with an outstanding reputation for high-quality craftsmanship and extraordinary service. In addition to sealcoating, we offer asphalt paving, milling and reclamation, pavement markings, crack sealing, concrete curbing, and asphalt repairs. For a free consultation and quote, submit our online request form, send an email Info@TheSurfaceMasters.com, or call our office at 770-250-6392.

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