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What Atlanta Businesses Should Know About Commercial Paving

What Atlanta Businesses Should Know About Commercial Paving If you have spent much time driving around Atlanta, you have probably noticed a crew working to construct a new asphalt parking lot or resurface an existing one. You see, asphalt is the most popular paving material in Georgia as well as every other state in the country. There are several excellent reasons for its popularity, especially for commercial paving projects.

Why Is Asphalt Such a Popular Choice for Commercial Paving Projects?

Although homeowners and businesses share several of the same concerns about their pavements, commercial enterprises tend to have a few unique ones. These include the financial impact, the speed with which a new pavement can be put into service, and the benefits of choosing asphalt for their paving needs. Commercial property managers and owners also tend to be more concerned about potential liabilities, and they are usually as worried about curb appeal as homeowners.

Is Asphalt a Sound Financial Decision for Commercial Paving?

When discussing the financial implications of Atlanta paving, an accountant would likely focus on two aspects: the initial cost and the return on investment, commonly abbreviated as ROI. If you compare two local commercial paving projects that are equal in all regards except the material, the concrete pavement will cost about twice as much as the asphalt pavement. Furthermore, if the asphalt pavement is given the proper care, it will provide a significant ROI.
How Quickly Can a Commercial Asphalt Pavement Be Put Into Use?

Atlanta paving projects vary significantly, so there can be numerous differences between them. Thus, it is necessary to consider several factors, including whether the project is new construction or a rebuild, the thickness of the pavement, and the weather. That said, a commercial paving company can usually construct an asphalt parking lot, for example, in about two days. In most cases, the parking lot can be open for business within another two days. A comparable concrete parking lot will need to cure for at least a week before vehicles can begin using it.

What Are the Benefits of Asphalt Commercial Paving?

In addition to costing less and being put into service sooner, asphalt provides other benefits for commercial paving in Atlanta. These include superior traction, reduced sun glare, and a smoother, quieter ride. Furthermore, when a commercial paving contractor needs to provide routine maintenance or repair services, the process will typically be minimally disruptive. It is also important to note that asphalt is an environmentally safe product. It will not contaminate the water supply or soil, and it is 100% recyclable.

How Does Asphalt Commercial Paving Help Reduce Potential Liabilities?

Some aspects of asphalt paving provide more than one benefit. For example, mitigating the glare from the sun can help deter accidents that can result from the reflected light interfering with a driver’s or pedestrian’s vision. Since asphalt provides excellent traction, that can help reduce accidents as well. However, concrete commercial paving in Atlanta is prone to slab displacement due to the soil in many parts of the city. Uplifted, misaligned, or sunken slabs can trip pedestrians, damage vehicles, or send cyclists flying over their handlebars. These hazardous slabs can also leave you in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, potentially exposing you to a fine.

Can Asphalt Paving Boost the Curb Appeal of a Commercial Property?

When constructed properly, asphalt pavements have a smooth, dark surface that many people find aesthetically pleasing. The luxurious color is also an ideal background to make your pavement markings and stripes really stand out. Therefore, asphalt pavements can indeed enhance the curb appeal of a commercial property.

To Whom Should I Turn for Commercial Paving in Atlanta?

The Surface Masters has a reputation for being a trustworthy Atlanta commercial paving company that delivers exceptional results and exemplary service. We offer our commercial clients a wide range of services, including milling and reclamation, asphalt paving, sealcoating, pavement markings, concrete curbing, asphalt repairs, and crack sealing. To receive a free job quote, simply fill out the online request form, email Info@TheSurfaceMasters.com, or call 770-250-6392.

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