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Asphalt paving is versatile, attractive, and durable, but it does require a little maintenance to help it reach its full life expectancy and look its best. In most situations, sealcoating contractors recommend that customers sealcoat their new pavement or overlay within 12 months of its installation. Sealcoating blocks the damaging rays that the sun emits, help prevent damage from petrochemicals, and mitigate or reverse fading. Unfortunately, sealcoat do not last forever, so fresh applications are needed periodically. Although the correct interval for your pavement may be different, most asphalt pavements in North Georgia need to be sealed every 18 to 24 months. When you start looking for a sealcoating contractor to sealcoat your pavement, you need to make sure that you choose a trustworthy, experienced, honest contractor to handle the job.

Five Tips to Help You Find the Right Sealcoating Contractor

Which Paving Services Does the Contractor Recommend or Offer?

Even a new pavement frequently requires more than just a quick spray of sealcoat. The pavement needs to be clean, which means that dirt and debris must be removed, and oil stains need to be removed or primed. Cracks need to be filled or sealed, and potholes need to be repaired. If the work is being performed as part of your parking lot maintenance, you will need your parking lot striping repainted. If you know that your pavement has cracks, potholes, piles of dirt, or other issues, be wary of any contractor who tells you that all you need is a quick application of a sealant, especially if that is the only service he offers.

Does the Contractor Have Sufficient Insurance?

Sealcoating contractors should carry a general liability policy with a minimum limit of $500,000. They should have a workers’ comp policy that covers every employee who will be on your property, and they should also carry vehicle liability insurance. Furthermore, the contractor should be willing to provide you with proof of valid policies. One way that many unscrupulous contractors slash their operating costs is to eliminate their insurance premiums. This helps them undercut the prices offered by respectable contractors. If a contractor is skipping insurance, it is usually a sign that other things are being skipped, so the contractor may not have the necessary equipment, may not prepare the sealant mix correctly, or may use unskilled temporary workers.

How Did the Sealcoating Contractor Treat You During the Quote Process?

Reputable contractors respect their customers and their time. When they schedule an appointment, their customers know that they can count on the contractor to either show up on time or notify them if an emergency causes a delay. Successful contractors do not wait several days before they respond to a customer’s email or message. They will not belittle your concerns, shrug aside your questions, or act impatient. They will be willing and able to answer any question you might have about their experience, their methods, and their work. A contractor who is disrespectful before you sign a contract will almost certainly continue disrespecting you after you sign.

Did the Contractor Offer You an Ironclad Guarantee to Perform Your Work on a Specific Day?

Although experienced sealcoating contractors pay careful attention to the weather forecasts, it is not always possible to predict whether conditions will be suitable for a sealant application until right before the job is scheduled to begin. This could be the day before, but the time could be shorter or a bit longer. Asphalt sealants are notoriously sensitive to temperature and humidity, and a job performed during conditions that are outside of acceptable ranges will likely be unattractive and extremely short-lived. If rain falls before the sealant is cured, it can be completely washed away. Any contractor who promises to seal your pavement on a specific date in the future is probably either deceptive or naïve.

What Resources Will the Sealcoating Contractor Have Available for Your Job?

Contractors should be willing to tell you about the resources they can provide for your job. This includes equipment, tools, and traffic control devices, but it also includes human resources. Will the contractor use employees who are experienced, trained, and skilled? Who will be managing the project, and what are his or her qualifications? Does the contractor have the right combination of sprayers, brushes, squeegees, and other tools? What is the capacity of the tank holding the sealant, and is it equipped with a hydraulic agitator? Excellent contractors either volunteer this information, or they are quite willing to answer these questions.

The Surface Masters: The Right Choice for Your Pavement Needs

The Surface Masters offers an extensive range of paving services, including asphalt sealcoating, parking lot striping, asphalt paving, crack sealing, asphalt overlays, pavement markings, concrete curbing, asphalt repair, and concrete installation. We are an experienced company providing customers in the greater Atlanta region with exceptional craftsmanship and exemplary service. If you would like a free quote, you can either fill out the online request form or call 770-250-6392.

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