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Plan NOW for Spring Asphalt Sealcoating in Atlanta, Georgia!

Plan NOW for Spring Asphalt Sealcoating in Atlanta, Georgia!Asphalt sealcoating in Atlanta is important in helping you maintain your property’s paved surfaces, like parking lots and driveways. It protects your asphalt paving from the elements and ensures your surfaces can withstand everyday wear and tear. Regular Atlanta asphalt sealcoating prolongs the life of your asphalt, making it a must-do maintenance task.

Before you bring in an asphalt sealcoating company to refresh your property’s paved surfaces, here are a few things you need to do.

Should I Inspect Paved Surfaces Before Doing Asphalt Sealcoating in Atlanta?

Before you do anything, you must determine if your paved surfaces need sealcoating. You can do that through a simple visual assessment. Walk throughout your property and look for obvious signs of damage. Keep an eye out for issues like alligator cracking, warping, discoloration, stains, etc.

If unsure, you can contact an Atlanta asphalt sealcoating company to have someone visit your property. They know what to look for and can determine if your paved surfaces are a good candidate for sealcoating. More importantly, they can determine what work needs to occur before sealcoating can commence.

Is It Better to Hire Asphalt Sealcoating Companies to Do Repairs Before or After Sealcoating?

It’s important to perform repairs before you apply Atlanta asphalt sealcoating. Think of asphalt sealcoating as the final finishing layer of your parking lot or driveway. It’s the protective layer that keeps your pavement in good shape. Therefore, you should address repair issues before asphalt sealcoating companies come in to do their work.

Fortunately, the best asphalt sealcoating companies can offer comprehensive services to handle it all. Go to an Atlanta asphalt sealcoating company that offers multiple repair services. They can take care of all your needs, performing necessary repairs before applying the coat of sealer that makes your property look brand-new.

How Will the Weather Impact the Process of Sealcoating in Atlanta?

Weather can throw a wrench in the works. For asphalt sealcoating in Atlanta to be successful, you must hire Atlanta asphalt sealcoating contractors to do it on days when the weather is dry and warm. Check the forecast before hiring an asphalt sealcoating company. Of course, experts will use their better judgment and refrain from performing these services on rainy days. But with this service possibly disrupting your business, planning is crucial!

Wet weather could lessen the integrity of the sealcoating process, so make sure things are warm and dry before you proceed.

What Preparation Work is Required for Asphalt Sealcoating in Atlanta?

There is some preparation work involved with asphalt sealcoating in Atlanta. Namely, you want to eliminate debris that could interfere with the sealer product’s bonding efficiency and ruin the application process. That means removing pebbles, leaves, trash and other debris. It’s also wise to wash away fluids and oil stains. Do all the prep work a few days before your scheduled asphalt sealcoating so that all surfaces have time to dry.

Will the Sealcoating Affect My Business Operations?

The final consideration to make is how asphalt sealcoating will impact your business. Asphalt sealcoating companies need several hours to prepare and apply the sealant. Furthermore, the product needs time to dry and cure.

How long that takes depends on weather conditions and the product itself. Sometimes, Atlanta sealcoating needs up to 72 hours before it’s ready for use.

Plan for that downtime. You can inform customers that your parking lot will be inaccessible or reroute delivery vehicles to avoid treated areas. Another option is to work with your Atlanta asphalt sealcoating company to handle the job in sections. That way, only part of your property is inaccessible at a time.

When you’re ready to invest in this crucial asphalt maintenance service, call The Surface Masers. We’re Atlanta’s premier asphalt sealcoating contractors. We have over 12 years of experience helping property owners and businesses in various industries get and maintain the asphalt surfaces they need to succeed!

We offer many services that benefit your property. These include asphalt paving, repairs, crack-sealing, milling and reclamation, asphalt sealcoating, pavement markings and concrete curbing. When you turn to The Surface Masters, you can expect top-quality results and service you can count on. Let us show you why we’re one of Atlanta’s most awarded asphalt sealcoating companies! Call us today at (770) 250-6392 for a free job quote. You can also email us at Info@TheSurfaceMasters.com or submit our online contact form.

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