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Cost-Effective Asphalt Parking Lot Improvements For The New Year

Cost-Effective Asphalt Parking Lot Improvements For The New YearThe new year is an opportunity for positive change, and there’s no greater way to invest in your business than by improving your asphalt parking lot. It’s a great time to give your property the refresh it needs, and your Atlanta asphalt parking lot is the first thing customers see and interact with when supporting your business. So, what types of improvements should you make for the new year? Here are a few ideas that make all the difference.

Should I Hire an Asphalt Parking Lot Contractor for Crack Repairs?

Asphalt parking lot repair can greatly enhance the look of your property. Cracks are unsightly. Plus, they can become tripping hazards for pedestrians. Cracks develop naturally through regular wear and tear. Exposure to the elements and changing temperatures throughout the year can also force those cracks to grow.

Fortunately, asphalt paving lot companies can seal cracks to prolong the life of your paved surfaces. Sealing can protect your paved surfaces from further degradation and create a smoother surface for drivers and pedestrians.

Will My Asphalt Parking Lot Benefit from Milling and Reclamation?

If your asphalt parking lot in Atlanta looks worse for wear, consider hiring an asphalt parking lot contractor for milling and reclamation surfaces. Milling and reclamation services can make your lot look brand-new, eliminating all gaps, potholes and alligator cracks.

The process involves grinding up layers of bad asphalt to a specific depth before applying new asphalt. The result is smooth and crack-free pavement. Milling and reclamation offers many aesthetic benefits, but it can also improve the structural integrity of your parking lot.

There’s no better time to hire an asphalt parking lot company for these services than the new year. You can do all necessary work when business is slow, ensuring it’s ready for another successful year!

Is Fixing Potholes a Worthy Investment for My Asphalt Parking Lot in Atlanta?

There’s nothing worse than driving over potholes! These repair issues can cause significant damage to vehicles. Your business is liable when a customer’s car gets damaged from a pothole on your property.

Potholes aren’t something you should ignore. In addition to posing personal injury and property damage risks, they will worsen over time. They can spread, putting the foundation of your parking lot at risk.

Don’t wait to do asphalt repair. Experienced asphalt paving lot companies can make quick work of those holes, restoring your lot’s strength and safety.

How Can Sealcoating from an Asphalt Company Benefit My Business?

Sealcoating is a service you should take advantage of when you contact an asphalt contractor. It’s critical to parking lot maintenance, and fresh sealcoating can transform your lot’s appearance.

This service involves applying a coat of sealer to the surface of your asphalt paving. The sealer offers many benefits. It acts as an adhesive to keep the aggregate in check. Plus, it prolongs the life of the binder in your asphalt, protecting it from oxidation and weather damage.

The most impressive part of sealcoating is what it does to the look of your lot. Asphalt paving lot companies can apply it to your entire parking lot, creating a smooth and like-new finish that feels like a dream to drive over!

Should I Consider Fresh Pavement Markings for My Asphalt Parking Lot?

Don’t forget about those parking lot stripes and traffic markers! Even the highest quality paint can fade over time. The summer heat can make paint lose its vibrancy relatively quickly on an asphalt parking lot in Atlanta. Therefore, hiring an asphalt  company to repaint annually is always a good idea.

Asphalt paving lot companies can re-stripe parking lot lines, fire lanes and more to give your property the refresh it needs for the new year.

Want to ring in the new year with a pristine Atlanta asphalt parking lot? The Surface Masters are here to help! The Surface Masters is a nationally recognized asphalt company that proudly serves businesses in Atlanta and the surrounding reputation. We have a great reputation and thousands of successful projects we’ve completed over the 12-plus years we’ve been in business.

Our services include asphalt parking lot repair, paving, milling and reclamation, sealcoating, crack-sealing, pavement markings, concrete curbing and more.

You can trust us to take care of your parking lot needs. We strive to provide top-notch service, no matter the size and scope of your project. Contact us today to get your free job quote. You can reach us by phone at (770) 250-6392, through email at info@TheSurfaceMasters.com or with our online contact form.

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