Home Depot McDonough

We successfully completed a major asphalt rehabilitation project at a busy Dollar Tree store. The project scope included milling 6 inches of existing pavement and replacing it with 4 inches of Binder and 2 inches of Topping asphalt layers. Additionally, we restriped the entire truck court area and incorporated 20% Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) and […]

Dollar General Mill and Pave

This metro-Atlanta, Dollar General asphalt parking lot had reached the end of its life cycle with the existing asphalt surface exhibiting signs of subbase damage along with mass pavement failure throughout the lot. The scope of work consisted of 2,040 square yards of profile milling of the entire lot and paving back with 4″ of […]

North Forsyth High School Asphalt Project

The Forsyth County School Systems contracted with The Surface Masters to provide Pavement Maintenance Services at North Forsyth High School. The Pavement Maintenance Project was conducted during the school’s summer break and included a Perma Flex Overlay in one of the parking lots, Crack Seal, Sealcoat, and Parking Lot Marking Services throughout the rest of […]

Cobb County Parks Asphalt Project

The Cobb County Parks and Rec. Division partnered with The Surface Masters Asphalt Team to conduct Pavement Maintenance Services at two of their larger public soccer parks. The intent of the project was to maintain the asphalt by means of Patching, Crack Sealing, Sealcoating, and Line Marking Services. In addition to the Pavement Maintenance Services, […]

Park Plaza Center Squeegee Sealcoat Project

The Park Plaza Shopping Center, located just outside of Atlanta, is a 46,500 square foot, Kroger anchored, retail center drawing more than 16,000 customers weekly. The asphalt parking lot consists of roughly 200,000 square feet of pavement. With that kind of traffic in mind, asphalt maintenance is a crucial part of maintaining the property’s value […]

CarMax Sealcoat Project

Our team recently completed an intricate Sealcoat and Restripe Project for a CarMax Sales Lot. The project scope consisted of 8,000 lineal feet of crack sealing, 230,000 square feet of asphalt sealing, and re-striping all parking lot markings including 1,079 numbered stencils throughout the sales lot. Due to the sheer volume of vehicles on site […]

New Manchester High School Sealcoat and Stripe

The Surface Masters recently completed a large Sealcoat and Stripe Project at New Manchester High School located in Douglasville, GA. The project scope included Sealcoating 609,032 square feet of pavement, crack sealing up to 12,231 lineal feet, and re-striping all pavement markings. The new school year was quickly approaching, and the county required 100% completion […]

Park at Town Lake Apartments Asphalt Project

The Park at Town Lake Apartments Asphalt Project was a three-phase project which included Asphalt Patching, Crack Sealing, and Sealcoating and Striping Services. The Paving Crew was the initial crew to mobilize to allow enough time for the new asphalt that was placed to properly cure, prior to the sealer application. It was during this […]

National Tire & Battery Sealcoat & Stripe Project

We recently completed a Sealcoating and Striping Project for an NTB in Marietta, Georgia. The request came in because a competing brand of theirs was constructing a new location next door. The fact that the competing brand’s location was going to be new and would portray a “new” look, our client wanted to do something […]